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Enable reliable, safe and efficient processes

Oil & Gas customers seek reliable power supply and improved efficiency to enhance upstream, midstream and downstream operations and equipment productivity.

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  • Multilin 8 Series 3D Explorer

    Explore the 8 Series in real-time 3D and discover key concepts.

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  • Increase asset utilization, and reduce emissions and costs.

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  • Multilin 3 Series 3D Explorer

    Explore the key differentiators and benefits of the 3 Series platform.

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  • Advanced Motor Protection and Control

    Asset performance management using next generation motor protection.

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  • Advanced Motor Control

    Enhancing actionable intelligence to provide rapid notification and leveraging the latest technology.

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  • Advanced Motor Protection - Broken Rotor Bar Detection

    Learn about broken rotor bar detection using the Multilin 869.

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  • Motor Management

    Learn about GE’s motor solutions providing real-time management.

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  • Fast Load Shedding

    Minimize process outage and costs associated with system downtime.

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  • Data Acquisition

    Cost effective, real-time wireless for remote assets monitoring.

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  • Motor Protection Principles

    This paper presents main risks and solutions for an overheated motor.

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  • Industrial Communication Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

    Communications from gas and oil production to midstream and wellhead.

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  • Enhanced Algorithm for Motor Rotor Broken Bar Detection

    Detect broken rotor bars based on MCSA enhanced with conditions.

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