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Gas-Insulated Solutions

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SF6 and g3 Gas-Insulated Solutions

GE provides GIS solutions from 50 kV to 800 kV, along with secondary products to maximize switchgear and network operation. The portfolio includes a full range of SF6 GIS as well as g3 (SF6-free) GIS at 145 kV and 420 kV voltage levels for utilities and industries worldwide.

Gas-Insulated Substations
GE provides a full range of SF6 Gas-Insulated Substations (GIS) as well as SF6-free g3 GIS at 145 kV and 420 kV for utilities and industries worldwide.
Gas-Insulated Lines
GE’s Gas-Insulated Lines (GIL) Dual Gas, available with SF6 or SF6-free with g3 gas, meet the challenges of electrical networks up to 800 kV.
Hybrid Gas-Insulated Switchgear
Hybrid Gas-Insulated Switchgear for networks up to 550 kV in generation, transmission and industrial applications.
Mobile GIS
Mobile Gas-Insulated Switchgear for temporary and emergency applications.
> Alternative to SF6 g³ is GE’s environmentally friendly alternative to SF6 for high voltage applications above 66 kV.
GIS Digital Solutions
Digital gas monitoring, partial discharge monitoring, controlled switching and low power instrument transformers up to 800 kV.
> GIS Services
Our local technical specialists provide customized services to fit your needs.