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HV/MV Transmission Solutions

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HV & MV Instrument Transformers
Capacitive Voltage Transformers, Inductive Voltage Transformers, and Current Transformers

XD|GE is an industry leader in the design, manufacturing, and commissioning of high voltage instrument transformers. With over 25 years of in service experience, XD|GE offers a broad portfolio of high quality CT’s and CVT’s up to 1100kV.

GE also provides a unique, dry-type medium voltage instrument transformer product line called SUPERBUTE™. Current transformers and inductive voltage transformers are available from 5kV to 69kV.

Both HV and MV instrument transformers are available in standard and high accuracy designs suitable for revenue metering and system protection & control applications.

High Voltage Current Transformers

Suitable for voltages ranging from 69 – 550kV and suitable for standard or high accuracy applications, XD|GE current transformers are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, delivering the reliability and measurement signals required by these devices. XD|GE current transformers are offered as oil filled or gas insulated.

High Voltage Capacitive Voltage Transformers

With more than 45 years of in-service field experience XD|GE offers high accuracy, innovative, and reliable capacitive voltage transformer (CVT) & coupling capacitor voltage transformer (CCVT) solutions that may be applied to transmission systems ranging from 72.5 to 1100kV. Used by metering units, protection relay devices, and automatic control devices, XD|GE CVTs and CCVTs provide the accurate voltage signals required to effectively manage the power system.

MV Instrument Transformers

GE’s ITI business provides a complete line of medium voltage instrument transformers from 5 - 69kV suitable for standard or high accuracy revenue metering, relaying, and control power applications. All transformers meet IEEE C57.13-2008 and CAN/CSA 60044 insulation level standards and IEEE C12.11 dimension standards, and are produced in our ISO 9001 certified facilities in Clearwater, FL and Somersworth, NH.