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Dead Tank Circuit Breakers

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XD/GE Dead Tank Circuit Breakers
72.5-800kV - Advanced Technology in a Compact, Reliable Design

The XD|GE breaker offerings are robust in design and they are based on proven technology yielding a high quality end product suitable for a broad range of applications. Our breakers are compact in design and construction with advanced puffer-type arc extinguishing technology which significantly reduces product size and improves reliability. Designed with a modular spring operated mechanism and integrated hydromechanical operating mechanism, these circuit breakers improve product reliability, reduce costs and minimize maintenance requirements.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Smaller Footprint Equipped with current transformers housed in the bushing insulators allow for reduced space and foundations required for installation.
  • Compact Design and Construction Advanced puffer-type arc extinguishing technology significantly reduce product size and improve reliability.
  • Excellent Seismic Performance and Pollution-Resistant Capability The dead tank circuit breaker is well-suited for areas with frequent earthquakes, high elevation or severe pollution.
  • Maintenance Free Design Modular spring operated mechanism and integrated hydro-mechanical operating mechanism improves product reliability, reduces costs, and minimizes maintenance requirements.