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Low Voltage Capacitor Banks

GE provides a wide range of  automatic and fixed power factor equipment available with and without filters. GE’s line of GEM™ capacitors are manufactured with high-grade metallized polypropylene film. Low loss polypropylene film with metallized electrode provides smaller, lighter units. Dielectric self-healing characteristics, plus internal Pressure Sensitive Interrupters, result in a double assurance of safety. Multiple cell construction allows for complete flexibility in capacitor selection.

Instant “Self-Healing” Feature

During a dielectric breakdown an arc occurs across the dielectric at the puncture. The thin metallized electrode will vaporize away from the puncture, then the arc self- extinguishes and bare polypropylene film remains, leaving the capacitor intact. This “self-healing” process is instantaneous - only 0.5 microseconds from initial fault current flow until clearing is complete.

GE Film/Foil Capacitors

GE’s Film/Foil capacitors offer an energy efficient polypropylene film dielectric. This heavy duty Film/Foil dielectric system is designed to handle unusual overvoltage and overcurrent without reducing capacitor life. The Film/Foil dielectric results in low watts per kVAR power consumption during capacitor operation. The 0.5 watts per kVAR losses and corresponding low internal heat generation mean low operating temperatures for the Film/Foil capacitor, a significant factor in extending capacitor life.

Nuisance Fault and Cell Rupture Protected

The patented GE Pressure Sensitive Interrupter, in conjunction with the self-clearing feature, helps protect against nuisance faults and cell rupture. This field proven feature interrupts capacitor current when internal pressure forces the cover up and breaks an undercover contact