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GE Autotransformers

Compared with interconnection transformers of equivalent power flow, the autotransformer presents a lighter and more economically optimized solution which is possible whenever the voltage ratio is between 1 and 2. However, autotransformers have non-disconnected windings, meaning there is no galvanic insulation between the interconnected systems.

Characteristically for complex regulation arrangements, autotransformers impose a total mastership of dielectric phenomena. Designs for constant flux regulation at high voltages or booster schemes are part of GE’s mastery. For many years, GE been supplying very high rated autotransformers such as single phase up to 500 MVA and very high voltage up to 765 kV for networks all over the world.

Key features:

  • Available up to 765 kV
  • Designed for constant flux regulation at high voltages and booster schemes
  • Advantages include compact footprint, lighter weight and lower losses

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