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Fixed Motor and Pump PFC

GE's low voltage GEM® type capacitors are designed primarily for the motor requirements of oil field and other pumping installations. Their application, however, may be extended to other motor applications installed indoor or outdoor. Type GEM OFW capacitors feature multiple cells which are assembled in parallel in a NEMA 3 enclosure. Each capacitor cell features the patented GE Pressure Sensitive Interrupter (PSI) that protects against cell rupture. The metallized polypropylene film dielectric system provides an instantaneous self-healing action and greatly reduced energy losses. Discharge resistors are included to reduce voltage to 50 volts or less within one minute of de-energization. A 4 ft., 4-conductor flexible cable with watertight connector is provided for easy installation.

Type GEM capacitors offer high reliability and long life. They are suitable for operation over a temperature range of -40°C to +46°C. GEM also features Dielektrol impregnant which is a biodegradable Class IIIB combustible fluid. They are available in 240 & 480V up to 30 kVAR.

GEM assemblies feature multiple capacitor cells with metallized polypropylene film dielectric which provides instantaneous self-healing action and reduced energy losses.

Safety is provided with the patented GE internal Pressure Sensitive Interrupter (PSI) designed to sense the buildup of pressure if a fault occurs and to interrupt the internal electrical connections before the capacitor cell can rupture.

GEMcells feature time-proven Dielektrol®, a biodegradable NFPA Class IIIB dielectric fluid.

GEM offers high reliability and long life and is suitable for operation over a temperature range of -40°C to +46°C.

240 volt, 1-15 kVAR, 3-phase, 60 Hz

To determine kVAR at 208 volts, multiply 240 volt kVAR by .75

480 volt, 1-30 kVAR, 3-phase, 60 Hz

4-ft., 4-conductor flexible cable

Watertight connector

UL Recognized Pressure Sensitive Interrupter (PSI) in each cell

Discharge resistors reduce voltage to 50 volts or less within 1 minute

Enclosure NEMA 3