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Dead Tank Circuit Breakers

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Dead Tank Circuit Breaker for 38 kV
State-of-the-Art Technology

GE's DT series of dead tank circuit breakers are known for their advanced self-blast interrupters, leak resistant cast aluminum enclosures and durable low energy spring operated mechanisms. More than 100,000 GE circuit breakers with self-blast interrupters and FK spring-operated mechanisms have been in service since 1989.

Flexibility for New and Retrofit Applications

The compact DT1-38 design can be used in new or retrofit applications. The 3-pole circuit breaker forms a complete, fully assembled, factory-tested, transportable unit. The on-site installation requires only a few simple steps. For installations where truck shipment is impossible, the DT1-38 can be readied for standard container shipment as a fully assembled unit.

GE Advantage

Learn about GE’s advantages in dead tank circuit breaker technology


Thanks to its robust design, the DT1-38 is a highly reliable circuit breaker even under the most severe operating conditions and is tested to meet or exceed IEEE/ANSI and IEC as C2 class for capacitance switching including back-to-back (low restrike probability) and reactor switching applications. Extensive mechanical operation design testing ensures trouble-free operation for the lifetime of the circuit breaker. Intensive production leak testing ensures superior in-service SF6 performance.

Quality components play a key role in the high performance of the unit. DT1-38 components include:

  • Third-generation self-blast interrupter chamber
  • Pressure relief system for passive protection of both substation and personnel
  • Generous space for current transformers
  • Field-proven, temperature-compensated density monitor with two-stage pressure switch and three-color dial
  • DILO SF6 filling connection
  • Galvanized steel base frame
  • Reliable spring-spring-operated mechanism
Certified Quality

GE designs, manufactures, tests and delivers its circuit breakers in accordance with IEEE/ANSI and IEC standards, maintaining a quality assurance system according to ISO-9001 and ISO-14001. The competence center for dead tank circuit breakers is located in Charleroi, PA (USA).


Rated maximum valtage Rated voltage 38 kV
Rated power frequency Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated dielectric withstand capability:
- dry withstand
- wet withstand
Rated insulation level
- at power frequency,dry
- at power frequency,wet


Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage - at lightning impulse 200* kV
Rated chopped wave impulse voltage 2us   258 kV
Rated continuous current Rated normal current 1,200/2,000/3,000 A
Rated short-circuit current Rated short-circuit breaking current 40 kA
Rated closing,latching and short time carrying current   104 kA
  Rated short-circuit making current 100 kA
Rated capacitance switching   630 A
  Rated single capacitor bank breaking current 1,200 A
Rated interrupting time   3 cycles
  Rated break time 50 ms
Rated standard operating duty Rated operating sequence O-CO-15s-CO
*Standard values: further data is available on request.
**Please contact Grid Solutions for special purpose, high TRV, high X/R or other ratings requirements.