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Dead Tank Circuit Breakers

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Dead Tank Circuit Breaker for 362 kV
State-of-the-Art Technology

GE’s DT series of dead tank circuit breakers are characterized by advanced self-blast interrupters, leak-resistant, cast aluminum enclosures and durable, low-energy spring-spring-operated mechanisms. More than 100,000 circuit breakers with self-blast interrupters and FK spring-spring-operated mechanisms have been in service since 1989.


Thanks to its robust design, the DT1-362 is a highly reliable circuit breaker even under the most severe operating conditions and is tested to meet or exceed IEEE/ANSI and IEC standards. The DT1-362 is suitable for applications up to nameplate ratings, including definite purpose ratings and is uniquely qualified under the latest IEEE/ANSI and IEC standards as C2 class for capacitor switching and for reactor switching applications.

The DT1-362 is qualified for controlled switching of shunt capacitors, shunt reactors, transformers and unloaded lines with the addition of a point-on-wave controller relay. Also the DT1-362 can be equipped with Pre-Insertion Resistors and parallel surge arresters for reactor switching.

GE Advantage

Learn about GE’s advantages in dead tank circuit breaker technology


The circuit breaker design is optimized for quick and easy installation at site. Where truck shipments are possible, individual poles are shipped with bushings and the operating mechanism assembled. In this case, site work involves installing the poles on the supporting frame and making the necessary low voltage electrical connections. Each phase is factory set to the proper position, eliminating the need for complex rigging at site.

Leading Gas Testing

Every DT1-362 breaker produced by GE is subjected to a rigorous SF6 tightness testing protocol. Our state-of-the-art testing system validates the gas integrity of every circuit breaker in the as shipped condition. This proprietary system provides quantifiable evidence of our <0.5% guaranteed leak rate in the exact configuration in which the breaker is delivered.

Certified Quality

The DT1-362 is suitable for applications up to nameplate ratings, including definite purpose ratings and is uniquely qualified under the latest ANSI IEC standards as C2 class for capacitance switching including back-to-back (very low restrike probability) and for reactor switching applications. Extensive mechanical operation design testing ensures trouble-free operation for the lifetime of the circuit breaker. Intensive production leak testing ensures superior in-service SF6 performance.

GE designs, manufactures, tests and delivers its circuit breakers in accordance with the latest IEEE/ANSI and IEC standards, maintaining a quality assurance system according to ISO-9011 and ISO-14001 certifications. The center of excellence for dead tank circuit breakers is located in Charleroi, PA (USA).


Rated maximum voltage* Rated voltage* 362 kV
Rated power frequency Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated dielectric withstand capability:
- dry withstand
Rated insulation level
- at power frequency,dry
555 kV
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage - at lightning impulse 1,300 kV
Rated chopped wave impulse voltage 2us   1,680 kV
Rated switching impulse   900 kV
Rated continuous current Rated normal current 3,000/4,000/5,000 A
Rated short-circuit current Rated short-circuit breaking current 40/50/63
Rated closing,latching and short time carrying   170 kA
  Rated short-circuit making current 170 kA
Rated capacitance switching*   500 A
  Rated single capacitor bank breaking current 500 A
Rated interrupting time   2 cycles
  Rated break time 33 ms
Rated standard operating duty Rated operating sequence O-CO-15s-CO
*Rating available upoon request
**Contact GE for special purpose, operating voltage, generator synchronizing,high TRV, high X/R or other ratings requirements.