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Dead Tank Circuit Breakers

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DT1-145 63
Dead Tank Circuit Breaker for 145 kV/63 kA
Leading Breaker with 63 kA Short-Circuit Current

The DT1-145 63 rated for 63 kA represents the latest dead tank circuit breaker technology. This circuit breaker is specifically designed and tested for general or definite purpose applications as well as for severe environmental conditions including low temperature, highly active seismic areas and regions with high pollution levels or corrosive atmospheres.


The DT1-145 63 is suitable for application up to nameplate ratings, including definite purpose ratings. Extensive mechanical design testing to 10,000 operations and Class M2 certification ensure trouble-free operation for the lifetime of the circuit breaker.

GE Advantage

Learn about GE’s advantages in dead tank circuit breaker technology

Gas Tightness Guarantee

GE leads the industry in SF6 gas tightness testing technology including seals, castings, and plumbing systems. Each breaker is factory tested using GE’s proprietary gas tightness testing system which provides measurable, quantifiable test results on the breaker in its fully assembled, as-shipped condition.


GE designs, manufactures, tests and delivers its circuit breakers in accordance with the latest IEEE/ANSI and IEC standards, maintaining a quality assurance system according to ISO-9011 and ISO-14001 certifications. The center of excellence for dead tank circuit breakers is located in Charleroi, PA.

Installation and Maintenance

The DT1-145 63 is factory tested and adjusted and don not require an y “special tools” for installation. Designed with the smallest symmetrical footprint to allow for minimized foundation costs, they are recognized worldwide as easy-to-install and operate circuit breakers. Thanks to the low energy mechanism and lifetime lubricants, the DT series is virtually maintenance free.

The DT1 series on-site installation requires only a few simple steps. For installations where truck shipment is impossible, all DT series circuit breakers can be readied for standard container shipment with only their bushings disassembled.


Rated maximum voltage Rated voltage 145 kV
Rated power frequency Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated dielectric withstand capability:
- dry withstand
- wet withstand
Rated insulation level
- at power frequency,dry
- at power frequency,wet


Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage - at lightning impulse 650 kV
Rated chopped wave impulse voltage 2us   838 kV
Rated continuous current Rated normal current 3,000 A
Rated short-circuit current Rated short-circuit breaking current 63 kA
Rated closing,latching and short time carrying   164 kA
Rated capacitance switching*      
  Rated single capacitor bank breaking current 400 A
Rated interrupting time   3 cycles
  Rated break time 50 ms
Rated standard operating duty Rated operating sequence O-CO-15s-CO
*Rating available upoon request


DT1-145 63 dimensions