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Dead Tank Circuit Breakers

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Dead Tank Circuit Breakers
Advanced Switchgear Technology for Reliable Performance

GE offers a comprehensive range of dead tank circuit breakers that support a voltage rating up to 550 kV, and are capable of carrying a continuous current up to 5,000 A. GE's circuit breakers meet or exceed the latest IEEE/ANSI and IEC standards, including C2 and M2. They can be gang operated up to 245 kV, and Independent Pole Operation (IPO) is available at all voltage levels.

The DT Series from GE is characterized by advanced self-blast interrupters, leak resistant cast aluminum enclosures and durable low energy mechanisms. More than 120,000 circuit breakers with self-blast interrupters and spring-spring operated mechanism have been in service since 1989, including more than 30,000 dead tank circuit breakers.

The SF6 dead tank circuit breakers assure a high level of reliability on a daily basis, even under extreme conditions such as low temperatures, highly active seismic areas, regions with high pollution levels, and a corrosive atmosphere.

GE Advantage
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Today's Challenging Environment

Utilities are heavily struggling with the decentralization of power generation and especially with the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid. Integration can conflict with existing modernization and optimization plans. Issues of reliability, safety, power quality and economics have to be taken into account when planning substations and choosing the right switchgear.

Additionally, power systems are already interconnected, highly complex networks that are susceptible to instability. Utilities face several challenges in managing and maintaining today‘s complex grid, including:

  • Increasing grid efficiency and resilience without the necessary funding to invest in new capital equipment.
  • Expertise to manage the grid is rapidly diminishing due to the exit of skilled, technical resources from the workplace.
  • Environmental impact and lifecycle cost of substation equipment

Overall, utilities are under intense scrutiny, by both regulatory agencies and the public, to prevent power system failures today, and in the future.

GE's Solution

GE offers utilities very reliable high voltage circuit breakers with advanced switchgear technology to improve grid stability and increase the efficiency of the transmission system infrastructure. The role of circuit breakers is to protect electrical equipment and system infrastructure, by fulfilling critical operational and safety functions. In normal operation, they carry nominal load currents, and depending on the installation, switch various equipment such as lines or transformers.

Dead tank

GE Advantage

GE's dead tank circuit breakers are developed based on the highest standards for performance, ratings, user convenience and reliability. Every circuit breaker model is thoroughly tested to meet or exceed the latest IEEE and IEC standards including Class C2, Class M2, fast TRV and high asymmetry.

Unique and Superior Design Provides Optimal Performance and Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Durable spring-spring mechanism provides 5 times more reliability than hydraulic, pneumatic or hydraulic-spring designs according to CIGRE report 510.
  • Innovative interrupter design with self-blast technology reduces required mechanical energy to clear fault currents without any sacrifice in performance or reliability.
  • Designed to operate within extreme environmental conditions with available options for high elevation, very low and high temperatures (-60 °C to +60 °C), seismic zones, polluted areas, and corrosive atmospheres.
Manufacturing Excellence to Ensure Highest Quality Standards
  • Global manufacturing sites are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • Products are manufactured using GE's Advanced Production System ensuring the highest level of quality.
  • Available customization expertise to meet customer unique application requirements.
Extensive Research, Testing and Proven Field Experience Resulting in Enhanced Reliability
  • R&D Competence Center and associated testing laboratories located at GE‘s Charleroi, Pennsylvania, United States facility.
  • Dead Tank Circuit Breakers are type tested for more than 10,000 mechanical operations exceeding IEEE and IEC Class M2 standards.
  • Industry-best SF6 tightness testing system. guaranteeing lower than 0.5 % annual emission rate through quantified routine tests for every Dead Tank Circuit Breaker manufactured in the Charleroi plant.
  • To date there are over 25,000 dead tank circuit breakers installed and in service in more than 60 countries.
Optional Features for Enhanced System Compatibility, Digital Integration and In-House Expertise
  • Complete monitoring system available for asset management and digital substation integration.
  • Independent pole operation with Point-on-Wave switching available when required for specific applications.
  • Full life-cycle support for products, spare parts management and technical training by circuit breaker experts.
  • Local Product Sales Specialists provide strong product and technical support.
Dead tank


GE's Dead Tank Circuit Breakers, the DT Series, supports system voltages from 38 kV to 550 kV and are designed for reliable performance, maximized safety and lower cost of ownership. The DT Series is designed to operate within extreme environmental conditions including high elevation, very low and high temperatures (-60 °C to +60 °C ), seismic zones, polluted areas and corrosive atmospheres.

DT1-38 Dead Tank Circuit Breaker DT1-38 Dead Tank Circuit Breaker for 38 kV / 40 kA
More Info
DT1-72.5 Dead Tank Circuit Breaker DT1-72.5 Dead Tank Circuit Breaker for 72.5 kV / 40 kA
More Info
DT1-145 and DT1-170 Dead Tank Circuit Breakers DT1-145 and DT1-170 Dead Tank Circuit Breakers for 123 kV, 145 kV and
170 kV / 40 kA
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DT1-145 63 Dead Tank Circuit Breaker DT1-145 63 Dead Tank Circuit Breaker for 123 kV and
145 kV / 63 kA
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DT1-245P Dead Tank Circuit Breaker DT1-245P Dead Tank Circuit Breaker for 245 kV / 40 kA
More Info
DT1-245P 63 Dead Tank Circuit Breaker DT1-245P 63 Dead Tank Circuit Breaker for 245 kV / 63 kA
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DT1-362 Dead Tank Circuit Breaker DT1-362 Dead Tank Circuit Breaker for 362 kV / 63 kA
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DT2-550 Dead Tank Circuit Breaker DT2-550 Dead Tank Circuit Breaker for 550 kV / 63 kA
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XD/GE Dead Tank Circuit Breakers

XD/GE Dead Tank Circuit Breakers XD|GE offers a comprehensive range of Dead Tank Circuit Breakers that support a voltage rating up to 800 kV and are capable of carrying a continuous current up to 5000A. For circuit breakers rated 363kV and above, the design features a fully integrated, maintenance free, hydro-mechanical operating mechanism, maximizing device stability and long-term reliability.
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Advanced Switchgear Technology

GE's DT Series is characterized by advanced self-blast interrupters, leak resistant cast aluminum enclosures and durable low energy mechanisms.

Interrupting Chamber

Interrupting Chamber
GE circuit breakers use a proven innovative interrupter design with self-blast technology that significantly reduces the mechanical energy required to clear short-circuit currents. The interrupter design uses the arc energy to generate gas compression for efficient quenching of the arc itself.

As a member of the puffer family, the interrupter has two gas volumes within the chamber, one mechanical and one thermal. The design of the interrupter ensures that the circuit breaker will interrupt short-circuit fault current from low level faults to the full nameplate rating.
Spring-Spring-Operated Mechanism

Spring-Spring-Operated Mechanism
GE has been developing and manufacturing spring-spring-operated mechanisms since 1938. The most recent state-of-the art evolution for these mechanisms is the FK3 range, which is used for all GE high voltage switchgear applications including dead tank, live tank, generator circuit breakers, GIS and hybrid solutions. Over 300,000 FK3 mechanisms are in operation worldwide.

The FK3 low energy spring-spring mechanism provides the highest level of reliability with Class M2 performance for 10,000 no-load close-open operations without the need for routine maintenance. With a spring-spring-operated mechanism there are no pneumatics or hydraulics, ensuring safe, reliable and maintenance-free operation for the normal circuit breaker service life of 50 years or more.

Circuit Breaker Monitoring Solution CBWatch3


CBWatch3 is a universal and compact device suitable for any kind of high voltage circuit breaker.

  • Compact and modular solution adaptable to any circuit breaker type
  • Delivers reduced and optimized operating maintenance costs
  • Enables health/condition based asset replacement strategy
  • Help reduce costly SF6 gas losses into the environment
  • Seamless integration into digital control systems and easy web server interface
  • GE as single vendor to monitor all key substation assets
More Info

Superior Manufacturing

Manufacturing Excellence
GE's investments in Research and Development (R&D) are significant, allowing utilities and grid operators to benefit from the latest technologies and innovations. The Center of Excellence for dead tank circuit breakers is located in Charleroi, PA (USA), where dead tank circuit breakers up to 550 kV and live tank circuit breakers up to 800 kV are assembled.

The production lines feature high degree of domestic content which can help to facilitate compliance with national requirements. In addition, the complete wiring and assembling of low voltage control cabinets and mechanism cabinets is done locally, resulting in greater flexibility to respond to utility needs.

Certified Quality
Research and Development (R&D), manufacturing and commercial units are fully certified according to ISO 9001. This means that during the entire production process, all employees, all equipment and all of the company's operations are dedicated to the highest quality standards and permanent improvement.
Advanced Production System
The Advanced Production System (APS) is the framework for contemporary manufacturing excellence in all Grid Solutions sites. It is based on lean tools for continuous improvement of safety, quality, cost and delivery.

APS brings together a wide range of best practices and standards in seven domains such as Basics, Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS), Supply Chain, Project Delivery, Manufacturing, and Quality & Leadership to create and sustain world class manufacturing excellence.

Rigorous Testing
All dead tank circuit breakers are type tested in world class laboratories such as KEMA, CESI and CERDA, in full compliance with international standards such as IEEE, IEC, GOST and DL standards. Specific homologation processes (additional tests, specific reports) are provided as per customer requirements.

Following tests are performed according to the latest standards:
  • Seismic performance
  • Dielectric performance including BIL, SIL, RIV, AC withstand and partial discharge
  • Mechanical endurance
  • Power testing including short circuit, short time withstand, capacitance switching and reactor switching
  • Temperature rise continuous current test
  • Environmental testing
dead tank facility
GE's Center of Excellence for dead tank circuit breakers located in Charleroi, PA, USA

Value Added Services - Optimizing Asset Reliability, Up-Time and Performance

Dedicated project teams are located in all regions throughout the world. These on the ground teams provide support and expertise to assist customers during different project phases. Local field service teams are also available worldwide, providing immediate support, training and supervision.

asset performance management

As part of optimizing the maintenance and asset replacement strategies, GE employs stress assessment analysis, SF6 monitoring and online condition monitoring to allow comprehensive centralized asset management.

asset performance management

Maximizing the life cycle performance of circuit breakers through the right maintenance strategy, strategic spare parts stock and toll-free 24/7 hotline.

asset performance management

GE has the technical expertise to deliver customized engineered solutions to extend the life of ageing equipment. GE Service Teams are experienced in solving obsolescence issues and overhauling substation equipment as required.

asset performance management

GE provides on site technical training such as modular and competence development training as well as e-learning and educational partnerships. These skills not only enhance team knowledge, but increase productivity.

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