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For over a century, utilities have relied on GE
to deliver electrical products and services to meet their performance needs

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HV/MV Equipment

As a global leader in grid infrastructure products and services, GE supports a broad set of utility applications ranging from medium voltage to high and ultra-high voltage power equipment.

we offer solutions adapted to customers’ HV and MV transformer applications including Power and Auto, Generator Step-up, Industrial, Reactors, Network and Distribution.
Gas-Insulated Solutions
Highly reliable, compact GIS that reduces installation space, reduces maintenance requirements and total cost of ownership.


Circuit Breakers
Full range of circuit breakers featuring advanced self-blast interrupting technology for improved stability and reliability.
High voltage disconnectors (disconnect switches) in flexible horizontal and vertical layout configurations up to 1,200 kV.
Instrument Transformers
Suite of high accuracy current and voltage measurement devices for the effective operation and management of T&D systems.


Voltage Regulators
GE’s family of voltage regulator products, along with their dedicated controllers, support both substation and pole-mounted applications.
Post Insulators
& Surge Arresters
Capacitors & Reactors
GE's reactive power compensation solutions improve power quality by eliminating disturbances and improving power factor.