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GE is anticipating the energy challenges of tomorrow by providing Smart Grid products and services
today. From generation to transmission and end use, GE products optimize the efficiency, reliability, and
security of the electrical grid. We have the vision, experience, and resources needed to realize the
Smart Grid quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Global Research Center is helping to keep GE at the forefront of Smart Grid innovation by actively
developing advanced technologies. Combined with our innate understanding of power generation,
distribution and utilization at every level, GE is uniquely positioned to be leaders in the continuing
transition to a smarter grid.

Clean Energy Generation

Wind turbines
Solar panelsement
Clean coal gasification
Gas engines
Hydroelectric power
Generation monitoring & optimization
Generator protection & control
Renewable power grid interconnection

Transmission & Distribution

Grid diagnostics & visualization
Reliability & demand forecasting
Power system protection & fault detection
Power restoration
Network control systems
Wireless monitoring & control
Fiber optic communications
Substation digitization
Transformers & voltage management
Energy storage systems (Batteries)
Distribution Management Systems (DMS)
Outage Management Systems (OMS)

Efficient End Use

•  Energy efficient smart appliances
•  Smart Meters
Wireless Advanced Meter Infrastructure
Demand response capabilities
Home energy use monitoring
Time-of-use pricing technology
Backup power management and control
Energy Management Systems (EMS)