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Smallworld Web Solutions
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GE’s approach to web solutions is to provide, with its experienced partners, a range of simple, easy–to-use business applications for customers to deploy, working in tandem with their engineering applications powered by Smallworld™.

Fundamental Qualities of Smallworld Web Solutions:
  • Easy-to-use, directly solving a business need
  • Fast, no waiting for slow mapping
  • Do not require specialist GIS knowledge
  • Can be deployed on a wide range of devices, from desktops to tablets to smart phones

Each application is a web-based solution to a specific business problem and is designed to solve that problem in an optimal way. This approach ensures our customers are able to rapidly receive the benefits from the solution, delivering faster return on investment.

Smallworld Web Solutions

Efficient solutions only arise from a firm understanding of customer needs, coupled with the technology and application foundation to deliver an IT solution. By building on the strength of the engineering-based solutions, GE and its partners work together to deliver a range of solutions that use web technology to meet needs of other users within an organization, in applications that are small in functionality but with a big focus on addressing a business need in the simplest form possible.

Solution Platform

Smallworld GeoSpatial Server is the platform for accessing logic and transactional information from Smallworld databases and applications. It provides comprehensive support for building scalable integrations and includes a suite of Open Geospatial Consortium compliant and certified services.

Extensions to GeoSpatial Server released with Smallworld Network Viewer form an enhanced platform for building rich web applications. Smallworld Network Viewer is the foundation web application that acts as the platform for delivering GE’s strategy of Office Web Apps using browser technology. It uses modern development tools working on HTML5 compatible browsers combined with extensions to the Smallworld GeoSpatial Server product specifically for streamlined development of high performance web applications.

The server extensions include:

  • Javascript™ Object Notation (JSON) based services - These benefit web applications by providing services ready to combine with standard Javascript libraries and also reduce the message size compared to XML.
  • Asset index and search – Allows web search-based interaction to the asset data held in the Smallworld database, providing a natural interface for searching information held in the asset database.
  • High performance tile server behind a Web Mapping Tile Service (WMTS) interface – Provides Smallworld map data as image tiles to seamlessly combine with map tiles from other sources, such as Google Maps.
Smallworld Network Viewer
Network Viewer displaying distribution network on Google Maps dataNetwork Viewer displaying distribution network on Google Maps data

Smallworld Network Viewer provides a browser-based interface that is designed to be familiar and intuitive for business users who are not specialists in GIS. It provides a responsive look and feel using familiar web mapping technology, combined with visualization of the network assets and the ability to search the Smallworld held GIS data so that asset information and customer locations can be easily explored through the user interface.

Smallworld Network Viewer can be used with a number of mapping providers, including Google Maps, Microsoft Bing and OpenStreetMap. When coupled with Google Maps, it adds Google-based location searching, Google Street View® visualization, and Google® street mapping into the application. Click here to learn more about Smallworld and Google Maps.

One example of usage is for customer service representatives looking to verify customer addresses against service areas held within Smallworld. By following a browser bookmark to Smallworld Network Viewer, the customer address can be quickly verified using a Google search, and network coverage areas can be shown by making a data layer visible. Similarly, network assets and customer connections can be visualized by switching on additional layers to determine if the property is served by an existing connection.

Smallworld Network Viewer+
Network Viewer+ Object Details viewNetwork Viewer+ Object Details view

Smallworld Network Viewer+ extends the reach of your intelligent network data to new audiences within your enterprise, allowing contractors, remote office workers and engineers to have secured access to the data they require without creating workload on your centralized GIS users.

  • Smallworld Network Viewer+ allows organizations to give secure access to their workforce and external parties to the same company standard plot templates used by their engineering GIS users. Access is through a secure, self-service web interface that allows non-GIS expert users to rapidly locate and request the latest network maps in PDF format for printing or use on their devices.
  • Engineers can be given secure access to network tracing engines and predefined queries that simplify the interaction with the underpinning data, to directly access the required information for analysis and reporting tools.
  • Users can submit graphical “redline sketch” change requests to technicians operating the centralized GIS who use the full capabilities of the engineering GIS application, ensuring the highest levels of quality and integrity of the network model.
  • In addition, the Network Viewer+ app is designed to be extensible so that customers can add new tools accessing their spatial data.
Electric Office Web
Electric Office Web

Utilities have hundreds, sometimes thousands, of users that require access to critical network data. Providing a full desktop client to all those consumers of the data can be very expensive. Smallworld Electric Office combined with Smallworld Electric Office Web provides a less expensive, robust query, view, print solution providing access to critical asset data across the enterprise.

Electric Office Web was built on top of Smallworld Network Viewer and is designed to help extend access to critical network data required to perform key business processes. Capabilities include:

  • Rapid access to electric asset and network information - Fast indexed asset search allows users similar experience to Google address search for Smallworld-based data
  • Network model and asset reporting and tracing - Allows complexity of the electric network asset model and networks be accessed by non-technical users using predefined network traces and queries that provide downloadable reports.
  • Redline sketches or markups - Authenticated users can create redline sketches that describe requested network designs or as-built updates that are submitted to central GIS technicians to fulfil, using the included task management module.
  • Modern, productive user interface - Smallworld Electric Office Web provides very simple and productive user experience for non-specialist users in modern web browsers. The server provides natural asset search and a fast tile server for highly responsive mapping access.
  • Engineering and non-engineering plot access - Allows users to self-serve the creation of up-to-date engineering plots as downloadable PDFs. The output meets company standards for network representation and map scales consistent with the plots from the centralized GIS system.

Electric Office Web delivers key benefits:

  1. Direct access to Smallworld Electric Office maps
  2. No data extraction
  1. Nimble, fast to develop and quick to deploy web applications
  2. Common work processes with outage notification preparation, redlining or sketching, asset maintenance, plotting templates

Click here for more information on Smallworld Electric Office.

Network Inventory Gateway
Geographic Map ViewGeographic Map View Fault Locator Client Fault Locator Client Fault Locator OTDR Trace ResultsFault Locator OTDR Trace Results

Smallworld Network Inventory is a highly scalable portfolio of products that provide an end-to-end view of multi-vendor, multi-technology networks. The main components of the portfolio (Physical Network Inventory and Logical Network Inventory) are 'thick client' applications, with all users having access to a comprehensive suite of functionality. However, many potential users of Physical Network Inventory data require read-only access to the information related to their job. To meet this need Smallworld Network Inventory Gateway provides ‘thin client’ Internet and Intranet access to data held within Physical Network Inventory, via a web-based front end. Network Inventory Gateway consists of two solutions each targeted at different business needs.

  • Physical Browser is a query, view, print web client that gives users access to the data held in Physical Network Inventory. This solution is based upon a HTML5 client that runs in a standard web browser and requires no client-side installation or configuration. This makes it ideal for roll out to large numbers of users or for providing access to Physical Network Inventory data across the Internet. Physical Browser includes the capability to create simple red-line sketches overlaid on as-built network data and submit these to be processed by a nominated user of Physical Network Inventory or just create a simple browser print.
  • Fault Locator is a separate client that is focused on providing support for the workflow related to identifying the location of a fault within the fibre optic network. It enables users to very easily and quickly locate the geographic location of a fibre cut based upon the results from an Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) measurement. This client is targeted at users within the Network Operations Centre who are responsible for managing the fault location and restoration process.

Network Inventory Gateway provides a browser-based interface that is designed to be familiar and intuitive for business users who are not specialists in GIS. It provides a responsive and simple look and feel using familiar web mapping technology, combined with visualization of the network assets and the ability to search the Smallworld held data so that asset information and customer locations can be easily explored through the user interface. Network Inventory Gateway is designed to be coupled with industry leading web mapping providers such as Google Maps, Microsoft® Bing® and OpenStreetMap.

Network Inventory Gateway delivers results:

  • Reduce mean time to repair for fibre optic networks by providing Network Operations Centre (NOC) users with specific functionality to quickly locate fibre faults. Fault location times can be reduced by over 90% compared to manually locating the fault on typical network records.
  • Reduce training and deployment costs through the provision of an intuitive user interface deployed through a web browser.
  • Effective repairs result in less network downtime, a more efficiently utilized network and improved customer service.
  • Provide simple to use and low cost access to network data to support network related business processes such as serviceability queries for front office staff.
  • Low cost of ownership – easy to administer and maintain, using technology that is in daily use by individuals and businesses.
  • Increase value of your Physical Network Inventory data through accurate reporting of changes to the network ensuring that it is always up-to-date for related processes.
  • Enable access to strategically critical inventory data with the minimum of training.
  • Using Network Inventory Gateway, it is approximately 50% faster to complete many typical workflows compared to earlier versions.
Design Dashboard
Design Dashboard Project Trends viewDesign Dashboard Project Trends view Design Dashboard Project Details view
Design Dashboard Project Details view

Smallworld Design Dashboard is a dashboard for Engineering Management, Customer Services and Finance departments in Utilities and Telecomms to easily access the rich data in Smallworld GIS showing the status of the engineering projects and to support effective and efficient operational decision making.

It is a focused business app based on GE’s fast and scalable web application development platform with modern browser technology.


Smallworld DesSmallworld Design Dashboard provides Engineering Management a detailed view of the status of the engineering projects. This information means processes can be streamlined, workflows enhanced, and trends analyzed, resulting in increased efficiency from the engineering department and reduced operational costs.ign Dashboard provides:

  • Easy and up to date access to project status
  • Time savings, no data extraction, direct access to the design workflow information
  • Early line of sight into problem trends

Smallworld Design Dashboard can be used with any Design Workflow implementation (a comprehensive workflow management system for network planning and design) from the Smallworld Offices, Telecommunications or Design Manager solutions.