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Digital Energy Smallworld Smart Services

To help customers of Smallworld maximize the benefits of their investment, we have launched a consulting arm of our company called Smart Services. As part of this initiative we have also created packaged Service offerings. These are available to Smallworld users and also our channel companies to enhance the user experience with our software.


Smart Services are focused on aspects such as enhanced maintenance and support, presales, implementation, and training. Typical offerings include implementation consultancy, architectural advice, project design and specialized consultancy. These advanced services will be offered by GE staff skilled in Smart Services.
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System Performance Optimization
With the System Performance Optimization Service solution, our Smart Service consultants apply their technology knowledge and experience to analyze the Smallworld database component performance—and all the elements around it that can affect the final application performance. With this analysis, we can determine the optimum parameters and architecture for your system. With the information we provide, you can weigh the pros and cons, costs, and a recommendations report which you can then present to your management level for final decision and approval to move ahead with the recommended improvements.

Managed Services

Are you looking for a complete and streamlined solution for application operation, system and database, and infrastructure management?

Would you like to improve your operational efficiencies?

Do you wish you could augment your IT staff without taking on the risks and costs of additional headcount? or simply redeploy your existing IT resources altogether?

Are you looking for a way to remove the performance barriers that prevent you from committing to service level agreements with your end users?

Predictable Upgrade
Our Smart Service consultants can provide end-to-end service on your new Smallworld version implementation through decision making support, upgrade planning and specification, and execution control.

Quick Start Programs
The Smallworld Quick Start Programs consist of a framework that includes a series of client staff training classes, product installation support, on-site workshops, and on-site support and mentoring to help build and define the implementation plan for a variety of Smallworld applications.

Guided Tour and Fit Analysis Programs
The Guided Tour and Fit Analysis Programs consist of a framework that includes a series of workshops, a guided tour of the Smallworld product(s), analysis of the fit and benefits for your organization, co-development of a business case and executive briefing to outline the justification and benefits for a variety of Smallworld applications.

Our Smart Service consultants assist in the creation of requirements and/or specification documents; derive traceability and perform gap analysis for requirements, technical specifications, and product capabilities; and perform an audit once such documentation has been created. In addition, our extensive experience with the Smallworld product suite and the geospatial and network inventory solutions space as a whole enables us to extend this service to review and make recommendations on the best use of the Smallworld software suite of products and adherence to best practice approaches. We also can provide insight as to how proposed customizations or enhancements may be supported by potential product roadmaps or alternative product capabilities.

Operations Support
The Operations Support Service Solution focuses on the Smallworld database component of your Smallworld implementation. It includes both consultancy to investigate and advise on Smallworld database administration and implementation services to execute specific database administration activities. It is suitable as both a one-off adhoc activity and a longer-term periodic engagement.

Smallworld Maintenance and Support
GE’s expanding portfolio of products and the changing needs of our customers demand a new approach to maintenance and support for software. Customers differ greatly from one another in the services, technical assistance, and specific problem resolution they require, and customer size and product portfolio render each user’s environment unique. In response, GE has developed graduated levels of maintenance to offer flexibility to each direct customer for support, upgrades, and services through the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Levels.

The Bronze Level is the standard set of services offered for annual maintenance that most customers are familiar with or currently have. All Bronze Level services are provided to all maintenance customers, and each successive level adds more features to the package.

The advanced Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages each offer increasing levels of premium services such as training, site visits, technical programming and guidance, and conference admissions—as well as other benefits specific to each package.

Smallworld Product Training
Smallworld training courses have been created to meet the specific needs of our customers. We offer a complete curriculum for engineers, developers, administrators and end users of our software product suites. In addition to the scheduled locations, courses can also be taught at additional locations upon request.
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Consulting Services
GE supports many customers with a wealth of telecom expertise, all over the world. Our organization has proven telecommunications domain knowledge, a proven track record of delivery and a proven ability to deliver tangible productivity improvements to the customer. The regional teams work in close cooperation with customers to ensure that the solutions keep pace with their requirements.

The dedicated project services group offers a wide range of professional consultancy services to telecom customers, including:

Implementation and configuration of Smallworld Network Inventory systems

Technical audits of customer systems before implementation

Data migration from legacy systems

Training packages

Product customization to meet the needs of customer-specific business processes

Business process and IT consultancy

Technical Support
Our customer support services include:

Call tracking

Technical support bulletins

Enhancement requests

Media, documentation and license requests

Product upgrades