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Smallworld Network Inventory
Smallworld Network
Inventory Gateway

Smallworld Network Inventory is a highly scalable portfolio of products that provide an end-to-end view of multi-vendor, multi-technology networks.

The main components of the portfolio (Physical Network Inventory and Logical Network Inventory) are 'thick client' applications, with all users having access to a comprehensive suite of functionality. However, many potential users of Smallworld Network Inventory data require only limited access to sub-sets of information specifically related to their own job. To meet this need Network Inventory Gateway provides 'thin client' Internet and Intranet access to targeted data held within Smallworld Network Inventory, via user-friendly, web-based front ends.


Network Inventory Gateway consists of two solutions each targeted at different business needs:

  • Physical Browser: a query, view, print web client that gives users access to the data held in Physical Network Inventory. This solution is based upon a HTML5 client that runs in a standard web browser and requires no client-side installation or configuration. This makes it ideal for rollout to large numbers of users or for providing access to Physical Network Inventory data across the Internet. Physical Browser includes the capability to create simple red-line sketches overlaid on as-built network data and submit these to be processed by a nominated user of Physical Network Inventory or just create a simple browser print.
  • Fault Locator: a separate client that is focused on providing support for the workflow related to identifying the location of a fault within the fiber optic network. It enables users to very easily and quickly locate the geographic location of a fiber cut based upon the results from an Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) measurement. This client is targeted at users within the Network Operations Center who are responsible for managing the fault location and restoration process.

Key Benefits

A number of benefits can be realized through the deployment of Network Inventory Gateway, such as:

  • Reduce mean time to repair for fiber optic networks by providing Network Operations Center users with specific functionality to quickly locate fiber faults. Fault location times can be reduced by more than 90% compared to manually locating the fault on typical network records.
  • Reduce training and deployment costs through the provision of an intuitive user interface deployed through a web browser.
  • Effective repairs result in less network downtime, a more efficiently utilized network and improved customer service.
  • Provide simple to use and low cost access to network data to support network related business processes such as serviceability queries for front office staff.
  • Low cost of ownership – easy to administer and maintain, using technology that is in daily use by individuals and businesses.
  • Increase value of your Physical Network Inventory data through accurate reporting of changes to the network ensuring that it is always up-to-date for related processes.
  • Enable access to strategically critical inventory data with the minimum of training.