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MDS Product Training Agendas

We offer a variety of training courses in our state-of-the-art facilities that cover the MDS product lines. Related topics and courses are offered together as a longer 4- or 5-day course for ordering and traveling convenience. Specific 1- or 2-day product courses can be ordered as needed for your individual training needs. If you are interested in training on a product not shown here, please contact us to discuss options.

MDS Orbit MCR & ECR Product Training

These training courses for MDS Orbit cover the larger form factor Managed Connected Router (MCR), smaller form factor Edge Connected Router (ECR), Outdoor Connected Router (OCR) and Master Station (MPRL – Licensed Narrowband, MPRU – Unlicensed 900 MHz).

Radio Frequency Fundamentals

Legacy Product Training

Below are training courses on our legacy products. Click the course titles to view the full agenda. These courses are customizable to your needs, please contact us to discuss options.

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MDS Orbit Platform Basics (2 days)

Day 1
  • Networking Basics:
    • IP Addressing and Subnetting
    • TCP/IP and UDP/IP
    • OSI Layers (L2-4 are the focus)
  • Wireless Basics:
    • RF Basics/Refresher
    • Industrial Wireless vs Consumer Wireless
  • Introduction to MDS Orbit Platform:
    • Changing Passwords (Admin and One Time Passwords)
    • Firmware Upgrade
    • Resetting to Factory Defaults
    • Configuring Time via Local/SNTP/NTP
    • Generating Support Bundle
    • Introduction to the CLI
Day 2
  • Introduction to MDS Orbit Platform:
    • Config file export/import
    • XML
    • “display set”
    • Orbit Network Interface Cards (NICs)
    • Orbit Bridging
    • MCR/ECR Basics
    • Cell Interface
    • SIM Options
    • Domain Name Service (DNS)
    • Firewall Basics
    • Basic Routing

MDS Orbit Platform Certification (5 days)

Day 3 (continued from 2-day basic session
  • Terminal Server/serial service
  • Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS)
  • Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs)
    • Creating VLANs
    • Configuring Interfaces
    • Configuring Firewall
  • Port forwarding
    • Quality of Service (QoS)
    • Fairness
    • Traffic Shaping
  • Dynamic routing
Day 4
  • Security:
    • Firewall
    • Tamper Detection Configuration
    • Radius User Authentication
  • OTP and Admin/Tech/Operator Password
  • 802.1x Certificate Management
  • Securing Nx-900 and LN:
    • PSK: AES-128/256
    • EAP: RADIUS w/ 802.1x Certificates
  • Securing Cell:
    • IPSec VPN Tunnel
    • Dynamic VPN
  • Static NAT (1:1 NAT)
  • GRE
    • P/GRE
    • Ethernet/GRE
Day 5
  • Point to Multipoint Serial Over Cell
  • Interface Failover/Failback
  • Summary of Topics Covered throughout the Week
  • Written Exam
  • Lab Practical Exam
  • 80% Pass required for Certification

Radio Frequency Fundamentals

Day 1 - Radio Frequency Fundamentals
  • Overview
  • Units of measurement and RF terminology
  • Wave and signal mechanics
  • Antenna basics
  • RF interconnections
  • Link mechanics
  • Applications and characteristics
  • Evaluation radio paths
  • Multipath
  • Feed lines
  • System design
  • Understanding and mitigating interference
Day 2 - Radio interfacing
  • Serial interfacing overview
  • Serial interfacing basics
  • Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) and Data Communications Equipment (DCE) concepts
  • Electrical standards
  • Short-haul modems
  • Fiber interfaces and fiber modems
  • Multi-drop interfacing
  • Interface conversions
  • Special purpose interface devices
  • RF Test Equipment
  • Data Test Equipment
  • Grounding and Installation
  • Troubleshooting

MDS Master Station (MPRS) & SD Basics (2 days)

Day 1
  • Installation and Maintenance
  • Configurator and Offerings
  • Feature/ Application Outline
  • Communications to SDx and MPRS via console and web
  • Basic Configuration (Local and Broadcast) via console and web
  • Diagnostic LINK (DLINK) Facts
  • Reprogramming (Local and Broadcast) via the console and web
Day 2
  • Network Topologies (How and why to choose)
  • Pinouts and Types of Serial polling capability
  • Setup basic Point to Point network
  • Basic serial polling (B and A Modems)
  • IP Payload and polling (Transparent Mode)
  • IP Payload polling in Packet w/ MAC mode
  • Ethernet Bridging

MDS Master Station (MPRS) & SD - Optional days for upgrades and migration planning

Day 1
  • Repeater mode in Transparent mode
  • Packet w/MAC mode Training (operating modes, required settings, Repeater mode in Packet w/MAC)
  • Ethernet Bridging Training (Bridge Filter, Advanced Bridge Filter & Lan Filter)
  • Configuration and use of Terminal Server in SDx and MPRS (via Console and Web)
  • Hands on demo of Bridged IP data w/terminal server vs. IP payload data
  • Store and Forward Feature Training
  • System ID Feature
  • Peer to Peer Feature
  • Data Encryption in Packet w/MAC mode vs Transparent mode
  • Security Feature Comparison between SDx and SDMS
  • Virtual Radios Channels (VRCs)
  • Multiple data streams configuration
  • VLANS (configuration and use)
  • Orbit side enhancements that MPRS has Vs SDx (Routing, Firewalls, USB console, etc.)
  • Compression
  • Progression of 2100 to MPRS
  • Progression of 1000U to SDx
  • Accessories required for Backwards Compatibility (MPRS)
  • B modem Network FAQs
  • B Modem features. Detailed description on when and how to use
  • DLINK for B modem network switchover demonstration
  • Mixed Legacy and SDx remote network polling via serial and IP Payload

Legacy Wireless Radio Communications Courses (on request)

MDS TransNET Series
  • Introduction
  • Key Features
  • Network Topologies
  • Interfacing
  • Integration with iNET Systems
  • Network Management
  • Store-and-Forward Operation
  • Configuration Software
  • Setup
  • Maintenance
MDS iNET Series
  • Introduction
  • Features
  • Interfacing
  • System Configurations
  • Unit Configuration
  • Menus and Management
  • Serial Configuration
  • Security Configuration
  • Device Information
  • Performance Information
  • Maintenance
  • Firmware Upgrades and Configuration Files