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Ethernet Switches
Managed Ethernet Switches

Reason S20 Managed Ethernet SwitchThe Reason S20 series of managed Ethernet switches are designed for power systems and industry applications to enable an IEC 61850 digital substation network, including layer 3 functions, cyber security and IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

ML3000 Series Rack-mounted Managed Switches ML3100 and ML3101 are under last time buy. Orders may be placed until 30th September 2020 and will be fulfilled based upon availability. As an alternative, please refer to S20 or ML3000.
The MultiLink ML3000 Series Rack Mountable hardened Managed Ethernet Switches (the ML3000 and ML3100) are designed specifically for use in Industrial Facilities, Substations, and Transportation Environments. They are 1588v2 boundary clock and transparent clock capable for high precision timing applications, such as synchrophasor and IEC 61850 Process Bus. Models with optional field replaceable power supplies are also available.

ML1200 Compact Hardened Managed 12-port Ethernet Switch The MultiLink ML1200 combines all the reliability and flexibility of the MultiLink family with a compact, rugged package that is suited for small to medium-sized deployments. With configurations up to 12 ports, the ability to mix Fiber, Copper, and Gigabit connector types, and support for Power-over-Ethernet, the ML1200 provides powerful, reliable networking for almost any environment.

ML810 Compact Hardened Managed 10-port Ethernet Switch The MultiLink ML810 is a 10-port compact managed Ethernet switch that features cost-effective configurations and form factors in panel or DIN mounting options. The ML810 supports up to 8-ports PoE, which can reduce wiring costs for security applications.

Managed PRP/HSR Redbox

Reason H49 PRP/HSR Redbox SwitchThe Reason H49 is especially designed for the digital substation, for use on the substation bus and process bus, in a mix of PRP dual star and HSR rings. H49 has IEC 61850-3 and IEEE1613 approval for operation in electric substations and supports 1588v2 for high precision timing applications.

Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

ML600 Compact Unmanaged Switch The MultiLink ML600 is a Compact Unmanaged Ethernet Switch that is ideal for Industrial Facilities, Substations, and Transportation environments that have few Ethernet devices in one location. As a very cost effective solution, the ML600 will supply you with high speed networking in your harsh environments and is equipped with Link Loss Learn (LLL) that allows for use in redundant architectures thus ensuring you will always have access to your devices.

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