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MDS Orbit Platform - Licensed Narrowband (LN) Series
The MDS Orbit Platform supports a diverse portfolio of radios to extend network coverage in various spectrum and geographic conditions. MDS Orbit’s Licensed Narrowband (LN) Series radio with QAM and adaptive modulation offers 6 times increase in speed, cutting edge performance and versatility in the 400 and 900 MHz frequency bands.
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MDS WiYZ™ - Inteligent Data Acquisition

The MDS WiYZ™ products combine technology and function to provide a comprehensive range of solutions for data acquisition and networking requirements. Whether your application requires the collection of data from remote, unpowered sensors or deployment in areas with obstructed communication paths or a bridge for data using the cellular infrastructure to your enterprise network, the WiYZ products provide simple, reliable and cost-effective solutions.
Manufacturing for this product has been discontinued.

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MDS Master Station – Long Range IP/Ethernet and Serial
The MDS Master Stations, built upon our modular communications platform, are used with SD Series and x710 series remote radios. The Master Stations support full duplex communication in a protected 1+1 warm standby transceiver configuration providing maximum reliability for continuous use, high duty cycle applications associated with licensed narrowband Base Station and Repeater applications. The Master Station is offered in a 19”/43.8 cm rack-unit high chassis containing an internal duplexer with options for connecting an external duplexer if required.
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MDS SD Series - Long Range IP/Ethernet and Serial
The MDS SD Series is the next generation of licensed 200 MHz, 400MHz and 900 MHz wireless devices featuring a software-defined modem and an optimized hardware platform supporting both IP/Ethernet and serial communications. SD products are ideal for customers using dedicated frequencies for long range communication to PLCs. These telemetry solutions are optimized with low power and sleep mode features for battery and solar applications.
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MDS TransNET - Long Range, High Speed Serial
Today’s SCADA and Telemetry systems must transmit large amounts of data at ever increasing speeds. The MDS TransNET uses frequency hopping technology to provide a flexible wireless serial solution. Featuring a sleep mode that is well suited to solar-powered applications, store and forward capabilities, and unparalleled robustness, the TransNET sets new standards for reliable, long range wireless serial data transmission.
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MDS entraNET - Extended Range IP/Ethernet and Serial Networking
The MDS entraNET is an exceptionally long range, unlicensed device offering robust performance in extreme environmental conditions. Sleep modes keep power consumption low for battery and solar applications. Both Ethernet and serial devices can communicate in peer-to-peer mode and connect to an IP network—all with multiple layers of cyber-security. The end result is reduced cost of deployment and a low cost of ownership for systems that bring mission-critical, revenue-generating data from assets dispersed over great distances.
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MDS NETio - Analog and Digital I/O Signal
The unlicensed MDS NETio family provides flexible I/O signal communication solutions on two levels. Protocol addressable I/O allows direct communication with remote I/O accommodating IP/Ethernet and serial protocols, without the need for a PLC or RTU. I/O extension allows regeneration signals between remote I/O points and monitoring/control devices, providing location-specific distance and point count requirements.
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MDS x790 Series - Master Stations
The redundant, full-duplex MDS Master Station Series offers the ultimate in reliability and simplicity for ease of configuration and operation. The MDS Master Station Series is the price and performance leader of licensed microwave radios in the 330-512 MHz and 800-960 MHz frequency range.
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DGT - Distributed Generation Trip Controls
Distributed Generation Trip Controls (DGT) are wireless communication devices used in applications that require transferring of trip signals from Power Distribution Utility Substations or Recloser Sites to multiple (1-7) Distributed Generators interconnected to the distribution grid.
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