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Intelligent Data Acquisition

GE's MDS WiYZ™ is an intelligent data acquisition and networking platform combining wireless connectivity for sensors, I/O, instruments and meters with comprehensive network infrastructure solutions for IP/Ethernet and serial, machine-to-machine and backhaul communication to host systems and devices. Whether your application requires the collection of data from remote, unpowered sensors or deployment in areas with obstructed communication paths or a bridge for data using the cellular infrastructure to your enterprise network, MDS WiYZ products provide versatile, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Manufacturing for this product has been discontinued.

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective wireless communication for sensors, instruments and I/O monitoring remote assets
  • Improved communication reliability and simplified deployment using standards based, self creating, self healing mesh networking
  • Reduce wiring, power and integration costs using battery powered, field hardened components
  • Automate data collection using any combination of Cellular, WiFi and MDS backhaul options for seamless IP/Ethernet and serial communication to remote devices
  • Global unlicensed use in 2.4 GHz spectrum plus GSM and CDMA cellular technology

MDS Mesh Networking

The MDS WiYZ implements the ISA100.11a standard for mesh network communication between Remotes and the Gateway. ISA100.11a is an open mesh network standard developed by the International Society of Automation (ISA). MDS Mesh Networking

MDS WiYZ Overview
MDS WiYZ Gateway
MDS WiYZ Remote


  • Battery or line powered Remotes
  • Single, sensor or multiple analog & digital I/O
  • I/O Extension to regenerate remote signals
  • Poll data using Modbus
  • Collect, time-stamp and store data
  • FTP for transfer data files
  • Configurable data sampling & transmission rates
  • Bridge communication to RTUs, Meters and Controllers
  • Bridge between wired & multiple WiFi, MDS and cellular wireless options


  • Rugged NEMA 4X, IP 65 housings
  • -40 to 70° C temperature ranges
  • Class 1, Division 2 rated environments
  • Self-healing mesh networking

Cost Effective

  • Battery powered Remotes reduce cost
  • Ultra-low power operation reduces solar power infrastructure cost
  • Outdoor, hardened components eliminate extra enclosure, accessory and integration costs
  • Self-creating mesh networking reduces path analysis and deployment costs
  • Multiple sensor and I/O capacity


  • 128-bit encryption and authentication
  • Password protected access and lockdown
  • Frequency hopping 2.4 GHz mesh network

WiYZ Application Advantages

WiYZ Application Advantages

Sensors and I/O Signals

System Communication

Gateway Connectivity

  • Use WiYZ Remotes with level, pressure, flow and temperature sensors to remotely monitor important parameters
  • Connect digital signals for status monitoring and control
  • Regenerate signals from sensors and I/O to RTUs and controllers
  • Interface data to host systems using Modbus
  • Transfer data files to Enterprise systems using ftp
  • Bridge IP/Ethernet and serial communication to remote controllers and multi-variable
  • Enterprise connectivity using public cellular communication
  • Connect multiple WiYZ networks to SCADA systems using MDS point-to-multipoint wireless
  • Connect to your plant's WiFi infrastructure

The WiYZ Gateway is a powerful and flexible device facilitating wired and wireless connectivity to host systems and Enterprise
networks. The WiYZ Gateway supports up to 4 wireless connectivity options for bridging communication between Mesh, Cellular, WiFi and MDS wireless.

The WiYZ Gateway establishes and maintains the ISA 100 mesh network. It also collects data from WiYZ Remotes. Data can be locally stored on the gateway in between transmissions to Enterprise networks resulting in significant savings in cellular communication costs. Alternatively, the gateway supports Modbus for direct polling of sensor and I/O data in real time. The WiYZ Gateway operates as a multi-device hub and bridges IP/Ethernet and serial communication (either wired or wireless) anywhere, between remotes, controllers and PLCs and host systems.

  • Configurable data transmission periods
  • Storage of time stamped data in between data transmissions
  • Security implementation including encryption and password access
MDS Wireless standards labels

MDS WiYZ Remotes are packed with features and functionality to match up with a diverse range of remote monitoring and control requirements. Each Remote accommodates 2 Analog Inputs, 2 Analog Outputs, 2 Digital Inputs and 2 Digital Outputs. One RS232 port is used for configuration. A second RS232/RS485 port is available for connection to an external device.

  • Configurable sample periods allow remotes to periodically sample sensor and I/O data, and transmit back to the gateway at specified intervals, conserving battery power and reducing network traffic.
  • Condition-based data transmission allows remote to transmit data only when there is a change of state for a Digital Input
  • I/O extension can be implemented to regenerate sensor and I/O signals between devices
MDS Wireless standards labels

MDS WiYZ Device Manager

Use the web based WiYZ Device Manager for convenient, intuitive configuration and maintenance of WiYZ devices. Device Manager is resident in the WiYZ Gateway and can be accessed via the Ethernet port or over the air via any of the backhaul options. The WiYZ Device Manager provides a comprehensive set of tools and utilities such as configuration wizards, device profiles for repetitive configuration tasks and utilities for saving device configurations and upgrading firmware.

  • Access over-the-air or using Gateway Ethernet port
  • Device profiles simplify repetitive setup tasks
  • Built-In Wizards guide users through multi-step configuration processes
  • View I/O Data and Status information from WiYZ Remotes or other devices on the WiYZ network
  • View data logged on Gateway in trend graph formats
  • View device status and performance information
  • Simple Maintenance Menus for firmware upgrade and saving radio configuration
  • Menus for broadcasting firmware upgrades to all Remotes
  • Network Configuration Features
  • Setup bridging over multiple wireless option
  • Monitor network status and health
MDS WiYZ Device Manager

Wireless I/O Extension

Use the MDS WiYZ I/O Extension feature to regenerate I/O signals at meters, RTUs and controllers when direct wiring is too expensive or impractical. Gas wellhead pressure values can be monitored by a WiYZ remote located at the wellhead and regenerated by another WiYZ remote into an RTU or Flow meter.

MDS I/O extension diagram
  • Use WiYZ to measure pressures at a gas wellhead
  • Connect pressure instruments or transducers directly to a WiYZ Remote
  • Transmit pressure values to a WiYZ remote at RTU or Flow meter
  • Regenerate the pressure values as 0-5 V or 0-20 mA signals to RTU
  • Connect 1-2 Analog and 1-2 Digital signals per remote
  • Use WiYZ Remote’s internal battery power at locations without power
  • Eliminate need to run signal wire between wellhead and meter site

Remote Data Collection & Network

Collect process data from remote assets using IP/Ethernet to local PLC or controller for monitoring and control applications where it is cost prohibitive to run signal wire or when power is unavailable. Use WiYZ to directly connect sensors, transducers or I/O from instruments and meters. WiYZ Remotes automatically form a mesh network around obstructions to the WiYZ Gateway.

Remote data collection & network diagram
  • Use WiYZ to automatically create a mesh data acquisition network for remote assets
  • Collect level, pressure and status data from remote devices and send to Gateway
  • Connect PLC or Controller to WiYZ serial or IP/Ethernet port
  • Use Modbus to poll data collected at WiYZ Gateway
  • Use WiYZ Remote battery power at locations without power or DC power at both Remote and Gateway
  • Use WiYZ to power transducers and instruments

Cellular or MDS eNET Backhaul

When Operations centers and Enterprise networks need long range access to remote sites, use the Cellular infrastructure or MDS eNET option. The WiYZ Gateway operates not only as the access point to the MDS Mesh network, but also supports WiFi for local drive-up data access.

Cellular or MDS eNET backhaul diagram
  • Collect data from WiYZ gateway using Modbus TCP polling
  • Transfer data that is logged and timestamped in the Gateway via ftp to host systems.
  • Use the WiYZ Gateway to create a local IP/Ethernet network for other metering devices and controllers
  • Use GSM/GPRS, CDMA or MDS eNET to communicate with remote WiYZ networks
  • Use WiYZ for drive up WiFi access to remote data and network

Substation Network Infrastructure

When a utility uses WiFi at a substation to collect data from IEDs or RTUs and monitor status/condition information the WiYZ Gateway can operate as the WiFi access point to bridge wireless Ethernet and serial data onto the Cellular network or private MDS eNET network. The WiYZ Gateway also supports wired Ethernet and serial connectivity to interface other devices and systems.

Substation network infrastructure diagram
  • Use the WiYZ Gateway to bridge WiFi enabled IEDs or controllers onto cellular infrastructure or IP/Ethernet hub
  • Optionally connect Ethernet and serial devices to the WiYZ Gateway
  • Use WiYZ Remotes to monitor other substation status points
  • Use GE MDS eNET to monitor other devices remote from the substation

Facility Data Acquisition and Networking

When process facilities need to automate data collection from remote assets, metering devices and controllers WiYZ has the versatility not only to form a mesh network around obstructions and interference but also to provide wireless serial and IP/Ethernet connectivity. The WiYZ Gateway can operate as a WiFi remote for connection to an existing WiFi network or create a MDS eNET network for a comprehensive network infrastructure.

Facility Data Acquisition and Networking
  • Collect data from multiple WiYZ Gateways and Remote clusters monitoring status, pressure level and temperature parameters
  • Provide IP/Ethernet and serial communication to remote controllers
  • Bridge remote data onto facility WiFi networks
  • Use GE MDS eNET to for license free communication to plant control and monitoring systems