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MDS Backhaul LEDR Series

MDS Backhaul LEDR Series

The MDS LEDR Series provides full duplex and scalable bandwidth in both subrate and fullrate models. Designed to connect to industry-standard sources, the LEDR Series is available in protected configurations with displays, integrated web servers, and management systems.

Manufacturing has discontinued as of December, 2012.
Service for LEDR Series has discontinued as of March, 2018. Click for details

Key Benefits
  • Deployment flexibility gained with multiple frequency options
  • Scalable throughput based on channel size desired and selectable modulation (64 – 768 kbps subrate and up to 8.192 Mbps fullrate)
  • Long range resulting from excellent sensitivity (-102 dBm subrate and -89 dBm fullrate) and licensed support in propagation-friendly frequencies
  • Highly robust communications with forward error correction (FEC), interleaver, and adaptive equalizer
  • Private Network
  • One time investment; no recurring leased fees
  • Single, cost-effective solution for voice and data (E1/T1)
  • Dedicated bandwidth—not sharing with other outside users
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) “chain of custody” control—not dependent on external NOC

  • Flexible Configuration
  • Optional interfaces for direct connection to fractional E1/T1 or full E1s
  • Optional 1+1 hot standby protected configuration
  • Optional space diversity
  • Configurable for multiple frequency ranges including 330 MHz to 512 MHz, 800 MHz to 960 MHz, and 1350 MHz to 1535 MHz
    Advanced Management
  • Front panel displays for easy maintenance and link monitoring
  • Built-in NMS element manager
  • SNMP network management for Fault, configuration, performance and security management
  • Integrated HTML web server allows network wide management via the Internet
  • Built-in 9600 bps data service channel
  • Local loopback and remote loopback
  • 8 Relay alarm contacts per radio
  • DTMF compatible orderwire