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Software/Firmware Downloads

Directory: Main / iNET

This directory contains the latest firmware for the iNET Point-to-MultiPoint Ethernet Microwave Radio.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When upgrading from versions earlier than REV500, you must first download the special firmware located in the Remap_Memory folder described above. Failure to do so will cause the radio to become inoperative.

The file contains the following files:

  • inet-#_#_#.ipk - The binary executable which is to be loaded into the iNET radio over a network connection using TFTP. Please see the release notes or the inetFirmwareUpgrade.txt file for additional information concerning the software upgrade process.
  • iNET Release Notes #_#_#.pdf - The release notes detailing new features, modifications, and known limitations of the software. The file inet_Config_6_9_1.txt is the default configuration file for REV670.

The file contains the following SNMP MIB files:

  • inet_ap.mib
  • inet_com.mib
  • inet_reg.mib
  • inet_sec.mib
  • inet_sta.mib
  • inettrv1.mib
  • inettrv2.mib
  • msd_comm.mib
  • msdreg.mib


File NameSize
3496G-Software_Firmware_Instructions.pdf [12K] [3.8M]
inet-config-6_9_1.txt [46K] [36K]