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UR Family of Protection Relays

File NameTitleVersionPublish DateManualNotes
URsetup802EnerVista UR Setup Software8.0207/10/2020
Enervista UR Setup is the device configuration tool that is compatible with all UR relay applications. This software tool is license free and the newest version is always published at this webpage.
UREng722EnerVista UR Setup Software with Engineer7.2204/14/2014
urfw802UR Firmware for 8.0x platform8.0207/08/2020
B90fw802B90 Firmware for 8.0x platform8.0207/08/2020
for B90 model only
urfw791UR Firmware for 7.9x platform7.9102/28/2020
B90fw791B90 Firmware for 7.9x platform7.9102/28/2020
for B90 model only
GER-4795UR fw 5.48-6.04 end of manufacturing06/01/2018
urfw781UR Firmware for 7.8x platform7.8105/21/2019
B90fw781B90 Firmware for 7.8x platform7.8105/21/2019
urfw773UR Firmware for 7.7x platform7.7307/25/2019
B90fw773B90 Firmware for 7.7x platform7.7307/25/2019
URfw763UR Firmware for 7.6x platform7.6304/05/2019
B90fw763B90 Firmware for 7.6x platform7.6304/05/2019
for B90 model only
urfw742UR Firmware for 7.4x platform7.4206/08/2017
B90fw742B90 Firmware for 7.4x platform7.4206/08/2017
for B90 model only
urfw732UR Firmware for 7.3x platform7.3206/21/2016
b90fw732B90 Firmware for 7.3x platform7.3206/21/2016
for B90 model only
urfw727UR Firmware for 7.2x platform7.2706/26/2019
boot_v701UR bootcode for 7.2x and above7.0111/27/2013
IMPORTANT: This boot code must be installed in your UR model in order to support 7.2x or above. Instructions are included.
urfw712UR Firmware for 7.1x platform7.1204/05/2019
For all models except B90
urfw701UR Firmware for 7.0x platform7.0112/19/2012
urfw606UR Firmware for 6.0x platform6.0602/28/2018
urfw592UR Firmware for 5.9x platform5.9204/18/2013
urfw583UR Firmware for 5.8x platform5.8305/05/2014
urfw549UR Firmware for 5.4x platform5.4909/26/2017
B90fw727B90 Firmware for 7.2x platform7.2706/26/2019
for B90 model only
b90fw712B90 Firmware for 7.1x platform7.1204/05/2019
b90fw701B90 Firmware for 7.0x platform7.0112/19/2012
b90fw606B90 Firmware for 6.0x platform6.0602/28/2018
b90fw592B90 Firmware for 5.9x platform5.9204/18/2013
b90fw583B90 Firmware for 5.8x platform5.8305/05/2014
B90fw549B90 Firmware for 5.4x platform5.4909/26/2017
URsetup460EnerVista UR Setup Software for legacy firmware4.6002/14/2005
UR Setup 4.60 supports firmware version 2.6x through 4.6x
GAServiceToolFactory Service Tool2.6107/14/2020
To obtain older firmware, please contact Technical Support


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