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ML1600 9" Panel-mounted Managed Switch Support Documents


File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
GER-4864BMultilink FW Revision 6.0.0 and Release Notes2020-02-21 [152k]
GER-4758ML1600 End-of-manufacture Notice2016-12-01 [77k]
gemlMIB File2016-02-01 [100k]
for models ML800, ML810, ML1200, ML1600, ML2400, ML3000
GER-4744MultiLink v5.5.0 Release Notes2016-06-07 [81k]
GER-4751MultiLink v5.4.1 Release Notes2016-06-07 [81k]
GER-4741MultiLink v5.3.3 Release Notes2016-06-07 [82k]
GER-4678MultiLink v5.3.0 Release Notes2015-01-21 [62k]
GER-4461MultiLink v4.2.1 Release Notes2013-05-10 [58k]
GER-4411MultiLink v4.01 Release Notes2011-06-20 [65k]
GER-4392MultiLink v4.00 Release Notes2011-01-31 [65k]
GER-4365MultiLink v3.3.1 Release Notes2010-02-24 [56k]
GER-4323ML2400/ML1600 v3.2.0 Release Notes2009-03-04 [30k]
GER-4310ML2400/ML1600 v3.1.0 Release Notes2008-12-10 [32k]
GER-4291ML2400/ML1600 v3.0.0 Release Notes2008-07-25 [33k]
GER-4119ML2400/ML1600 v2.0.1 Release Notes2007-10-24 [55k]
GER-4105ML2400/ML1600 v1.7.4 Release Notes2007-05-28 [53k]


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