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JBC/JBCG/JBCV Phase and Ground Overcurrent Relay Manuals


File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
GEK-49848CJBC51/52/53/54/77/78 Instruction Booklet2014-08-12 [1.6M]
GEK-49849FJBCG51M/52M/53M/54M/77M/78M Instruction Booklet2014-08-12 [1.4M]
GEK-49850AJBCV51/53/77 Instruction Booklet2014-08-12 [1.3M]
GEK-65549JBCG61M Instruction Booklet2014-08-12 [1.4M]
GEK-65550JBCG63M Instruction Booklet2014-08-12 [1.4M]


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