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Voltage & Current Instrument Transformers

File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
GEH-230AFInstruction Manual for Instrument Transformers07/23/2001 [93k]
GEI-52349Install Fuse Tub & Cover N JVA-0 600V Potential Transformer07/23/2001 [236k]
GEI-52426EInstructions - Types JKW-150 to JKW-350 Super Bute Current Transformers07/23/2001 [550k]
GEI-52471Primary Bar Assembly for Type JAD-O Current Transformer07/23/2001 [133k]
GEI-52480Primary Connections and Testing of JKM-95 and JVM-9507/23/2001 [425k]
GEI-52487Secondary Connections for Type JVM-95 VT, Cat. No. 765X22G70007/23/2001 [64k]


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