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HardFiber System IEC 61850 Process Bus Solution
White Papers/Case Study

File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
AEPProcBusCase study: AEP Process Bus Replaces Copper06/29/2009 [756k]
A huge opportunity for material, time and manpower savings exists in the reduction of substation copper control cables. Read about American Electric Power’s journey to removing control cabling and replacing it with fiber-optic communication.
DistBusProtCase study: Distributed Bus Protection in the Smart Substation12/16/2013 [3.2M]
This paper presents a new Distributed Bus Protection System that is not only as a protection system, but also a platform that incorporates the data from the HV equipment in an IEC 61850 process bus scheme.
EnhSecDepWhite paper: Enhanced Security and Dependability in Process Bus Protection Systems06/26/2009 [1.7M]
This paper outlines the high-level design principles for protection and control systems, illustrated using a practical solution for implementing ultra-critical protection and control IEC 61850 process bus applications.
AEPIECInstallCase Study: IEC 61850 Process Bus Installation at American Electric Power07/18/2008 [657k]
This document presents the commissioning of the first IEC 61850 Process Bus installation for American Electric Power (AEP) with GE's Merging Units (HardFiber Bricks) and Universal Relays.
61850PBSCase Study: Scalability of IEC 61850 Process Bus Solutions10/28/2005 [526k]
This paper explains scalability as it relates to process bus solutions, and identifies the need for scalability for such systems, in particular for the HardFiber system.
61850PBTCase Study: Testing and Commissioning P&C Systems Based On IEC 61850 Process Bus10/27/2005 [629k]
This paper presents a complete and simple testing procedure for the HardFiber process bus architecture.
61850AdvCase Study: Advantages of IEC 61850 Process Bus Over Copper-Based Installations07/18/2008 [256k]
This paper reviews key aspects of implementing traditional hard-wired solutions utilizing integrated multi-function relays and compares them with implementing the equivalent system using an IEC 61850-9-2 process bus solution.
61850SubstCase Study: IEC 61850 Communication Networks and Systems In Substations07/02/2009 [855k]
This paper looks at the needs of next generation communication systems and provides an overview of the IEC 61850 protocol and how it meets these needs.
61850ArchCase Study: An Architecture and System for IEC 61850 Process Bus07/18/2008 [1.2M]
This paper shows a practical process bus architecture conforming to IEC 61850-9-2 that fits the task of protection and control of substations by drawing from the universal topology rules of substations.
61850statCase Study: First IEC 61850 Based Protection and Control, Multi-Vendor Project in the US06/22/2006 [2.3M]
This case study shows how a strong and determined team of relay manufacturers and TVA engineers made this Bradley project a success in utilizing the IEC 61850 standard as much as practically possible.
61850lockoutCase Study: Implementing Lockout Function with IEC 61850 Communications Based P&C Systems12/04/2010 [1.9M]
This paper presents a new process bus system for protection and control using IEC 61850 process bus as a technical framework.
NGPCsystemsWhite Paper: Considerations for Next Generation Protection & Control Systems07/18/2008 [545k]
This paper highlights trends and expectations of the electric power industry for the next generation protection, control and automation systems. Copper-based signaling and a simple, robust architecture are key elements.
GEA-33129White Paper: 7 of your Most Pressing Questions Answered - Best Practices Guide05/07/2019 [2.2M]
From how to get started to design considerations, this guide answers the top-of-mind questions utilities have about process bus on their journey toward the digitized substation.
IEC61850-9-2Case Study: Security Architecture for IEC 61850-9-207/18/2008 [650k]
This paper reviews cyber-security requirements for a process bus-based protection and control system, using NERC CIP as a reference. General attributes and functional requirements for a process bus network are described.
SubAutoHybridCase Study: Substation Automation Hybrid06/21/2011 [668k]
This paper discusses hybrid substation automation solutions, concentrating on the inclusion of alternate technologies. Evolutionary scenarios are used to highlight the conversion from alternate technologies to IEC 61850.
GEA-32016White Paper: Why go Digital? Evolving from Conventional to Intelligent Digital Substations06/29/2017 [746k]
As the electrical network has evolved, substations have kept pace, bringing together technologies and strategies to improve the network, resulting in intelligent digital substations.


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