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DIAC/DIFC/DSFC - Legacy Drawings


File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
diacMounting and Wiring Diagrams1997-07-03 [77k]
iacIAC Time Overcurrent Curves (51, 53, and 77)1998-08-18 [32k]
55shrttm55 Short Time TOC Curves1998-07-13 [17k]
57medtm57 Medium Time TOC Curves1998-07-13 [17k]
66lngtm66 Long Time TOC Curves1998-07-13 [17k]
75shttm75 Short Time TOC Curves1998-07-13 [17k]
95shttm95 Short Time TOC Curves1998-07-13 [17k]
IECIEC TOC Curves (Inverse, Very Inverse, Extremely I1998-08-18 [35k]
IEEEIEEE TOC Curves (Inverse, Very Inverse, Extremely 1998-08-18 [35k]
deftimeDefinite Time1998-07-13 [16k]
I2ttimeI2t Time Curve1998-07-13 [17k]
16aioc16A IOC Curve1998-07-13 [79k]


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