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DGP Digital Generator Protection
Application Notes

File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
ger3179Out-of-step Protection for Generators1997-07-21 [1.4M]
ger3183Loss-of-excitation Protection for Synchronous Generators1997-09-05 [165k]
This paper presents the results of a study into the application and performance of the offset mho distance relay for the loss of excitation protection of synchronous generators.
ger3967aUpgrading and Enhancing the Generator Protection System 1998-08-18 [74k]
Document for the upgrade and enhancement of the generator protection system by making use of digital systems.
get6449Generator Protection Using Solid-state and Electromechanical Underfrequency Relays1997-07-21 [437k]
This publication provides a comprehensive coverage of load shedding, load restoration and generator protection schemes using solid state, Type SFF, and high-speed electromechanical, Type CFF, underfrequency relays.
get6497aGenerating Station Protection1997-07-21 [536k]
This guide is concerned primarily with short circuit protection and protection for abnormal operating conditions for generating stations.


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