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D400 Advanced Substation Gateway Product & Cyber Security Advisories


Cyber Security Advisories
File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
GES-2022-006Security Advisory: DS Agile Studio (DSAS)2023-11-10 [163k]
GES-2022-010Security Advisory: LogicLinx 32-bit Editor (DS Agile Studio) & ISaGRAF Workbench (DAP Server Studio)2023-01-12 [71k]
GES-2022-011Security Advisory: D400 OpenSSL Security Notice2023-01-12 [88k]
PRSN-2019-002Security Advisory: D400 Vulnerabilities2019-05-24 [192k]
PRBT-0342Security Advisory: D400/D.20 RIO NTP vulnerability2015-09-04 [179k]
PRBT-0344Security Advisory: D400 Security - GNU Glibc Vulnerability2015-09-04 [122k]
PRBT-0334Security Advisory: D400 and D.20 RIO GNU Bash Shellshock Vulnerability2014-11-12 [132k]
Product Advisories
File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
TN00118Enable or disable enhanced Logs in IEC101-104 DPA2020-11-20 [850k]
TN00027Installing service updates on D400 Substation Gateway devices2020-11-20 [179k]
PRBT-0430Product Bulletin: D400-S Discontinued Effective Immediately2020-03-24 [400k]
PRBT-0423D400 Firmware 5.40 Release Notification2019-06-04 [209k]
PRBT-0427DS Agile Studio 1.2 Release Notification2020-04-15 [235k]
PRBT-0422DS Agile Studio 1.1 Release Notification2019-05-23 [219k]
PRBT-0421Introduction to DS Agile Studio2019-06-04 [378k]
NoticeEnd-of-manufacture notice on selected transmission, distribution, protection&control models2017-04-05 [137k]
PRBT-0362Product Bulletin: ConfigPro Notice of Discontinued Support2015-11-24 [105k]
TN00062D400 CPU Migration Instructions (V1.0 R4)2015-04-20 [512k]
Provides the steps required to migrate existing firmware and configuration files to a 1.6 GHz D400. Applies to any D400 with v2.75 and v3.20 firmware.
PRBT-0323Release of 1.6 GHz CPU and the Discontinuance of previous CPUs (Rev. R3)2015-03-11 [143k]
PRBT-0350Product Bulletin: Support ends for D400 firmware v3.1 with FDIR functionality2015-06-12 [141k]
PRBT-0347Product Bulletin: Support ending for D400 firmware v2.75 and v3.002015-05-12 [137k]
PRBT-0328Product Bulletin: D400 NERC - CIP Response2015-03-12 [211k]
PRBT-0265Product Advisory: Why D400 has separate RS-232 and RS-485 cards2015-07-09 [230k]
d400sb0290Product Advisory: IEC 60870-5-101/104 controls issue2010-06-11 [62k]
D400sb0312Product Advisory: GE D400 Substation Controller2013-09-19 [140k]


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