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D20MX Substation Controller Product & Cyber Security Advisories


Cyber Security Advisories
File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
d20mxsb0305Security Advisory: NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Response2013-04-25 [231k]
GES-2021-019Security Advisory: D20MX VxWorks OpenSSL Security Notice2023-01-13 [76k]
GES-2022-010Security Advisory: LogicLinx 32-bit Editor (DS Agile Studio) & ISaGRAF Workbench (DAP Server Studio)2023-01-12 [71k]
PRSN-2019-005Security Advisory: Wind River TCP/IP Stack (IPnet) Vulnerabilities on D20MX2019-10-07 [145k]
PRSN-2019-001Security Advisory: D20MX 1.70 SSH DoS Vulnerability2019-02-07 [151k]
PRSN-0006Security Advisory: OpenSSL Multiple Vulnerabilities2018-07-30 [132k]
PRSN-0005Security Advisory: SHELL and SFTP Vulnerabilities2018-07-30 [130k]
PRSN-0004Security Advisory: WindRiver VxWorks SSH Multiple Vulnerabilities2018-07-30 [130k]
PRSN-0001Security Advisory: TCP Initial Sequence Number Vulnerability2017-03-30 [95k]
PRBT-0375Security Advisory: D20MX Security - TCP Initial Sequence Number Vulnerability2016-10-18 [79k]
PRBT-0311Security Advisory: D20MX Firmware v1.0 and v1.1 DNP3 Vulnerability and Corrective Actions2013-07-30 [144k]
Product Advisories
File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
GER-4927D20MX Portfolio End-of-Manufacturing Notice2022-06-13 [158k]
PRBT-0436Release Notification of firmware 2.0.12021-04-26 [238k]
PRBT-0431Release Notification of firmware 1.912020-04-07 [187k]
MIS-0095Release Notification of firmware 1.902019-10-22 [1.6M]
PRBT-0424Release Notification of firmware 1.812019-07-30 [189k]
PRBT-0427DS Agile Studio 1.2 Release Notification2020-04-15 [235k]
PRBT-0422DS Agile Studio 1.1 Release Notification2019-05-23 [219k]
PRBT-0421Introduction to DS Agile Studio2019-06-04 [378k]
PRBT-0413D20MX Second-Generation CPU Introduction, GE Part Numbers 526-3007LF, 526-3008LF, 526-3009LF2019-04-23 [209k]
PRBT-0413D20MX V1.7 Obsolescence Notice2018-10-05 [200k]
PRBT-0416SGConfig version 11.1 release notification2018-12-12 [226k]
TN0066Technical Note: D20MX Earth Ground to Signal Ground Connection2016-05-30 [199k]
PRBT-0362Product Bulletin: ConfigPro Notice of Discontinued Support2015-11-24 [105k]
PRBT-0415Release notification of firmware 1.802018-12-12 [210k]
PRBT-0411Release notification of firmware 1.702018-08-14 [209k]
PRBT-0392Release notification of firmware 1.622017-08-11 [145k]
PRBT-0374Release notification of firmware 1.62016-10-25 [133k]
PRBT-0384Release notification of firmware 1.512017-04-06 [134k]
TN0049Technical Note: The D20MX and its Predecessors - Features and Functionality2016-04-28 [250k]
PRBT-0333Product Bulletin: Release of D20 spares part numbers2014-10-15 [180k]
PRBT-0383D20MX v1.60 Documentation CD Update2017-03-30 [126k]
PRBT-0332D20MX v1.40 Documentation CD Update2014-10-02 [105k]
PRBT-0306D20MX Substation Controller - Compliance against IEEE 16132013-06-26 [333k]
PRBT-0396SGConfig HMI Viewer Release Notification version 1.02017-10-10 [135k]
PRBT-0305Product Bulletin: D2x NERC - CIP Response2017-06-15 [269k]
PRBT-0343Product Bulletin: D20MEII/ME to D20MX Quick Start Guide2016-06-10 [502k]
PRBT-0352Product Bulletin: D20ME II/ME Replacement2017-03-30 [293k]


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