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Support Documents

File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
GET-20097UR Family Product Environmental Profile02/19/2021 [239k]
GET-20096UR Family Recycling and Disposal Instructions02/19/2021 [725k]
GER-4900UR Version 6 CPU Module & Compatible Firmware End-of-Manufacturing02/15/2022 [231k]
GER-4900CT_VT DSP Options 8G 8H 8J & 8K End-of-Manufacturing01/26/2021 [137k]
GER-4900IRC Options 2A 7A 7N 7P 7T & 7V for UR Relays End-of-Manufacturing01/26/2021 [138k]
GER-4900UI Options D & G for French Language End-of-Manufacturing01/26/2021 [133k]
GER-4900UI Options R & S for Russian Language End-of-Manufacturing01/26/2021 [132k]
GER-4885IRC Com option 75 End-of-Manufacturing Notice07/30/2020 [150k]
GER-4885UI Options A&B for Chinese Lang. End-of-Manufacturing Notice07/30/2020 [141k]
GER-4929AUR 8.3x Product Release Notes06/02/2022 [241k]
GER-4909DUR 8.2x Product Release Notes06/17/2022 [259k]
GER-4903DUR 8.1x Product Release Notes01/04/2022 [533k]
GER-4882GUR 8.0x Product Release Notes09/17/2021 [307k]
GER-4879FUR 7.9x Product Release Notes09/17/2021 [352k]
GER-4861UR Ethernet Switch 2S & 2T & CPU S End-of-Manufacturing06/20/2019 [45k]
GER-4844Option 4B for UR I/O Module End-of-Manufacturing Notice10/22/2018 [49k]
GER-4854EUR 7.8x Product Release Notes06/11/2021 [183k]
GER-4844AOptions 2E, 2F, 2G, 7E, 7L, 74 for UR Inter-Relay Communications End-of-Manufacturing Notice12/19/2019 [92k]
GET-20048UR Family IEC 61850 Upgrade Guide08/09/2017 [1.4M]
GET-20074CUR Family IP54 Enhanced Front Panel Product Notification03/31/2021 [758k]
GER-4834CUR 7.7x Product Release Notes07/25/2019 [204k]
GER-4799GUR 7.6x Product Release Notes11/12/2020 [254k]
GET-8550BUR Family Upgrade Guide11/09/2018 [2.3M]
This document outlines how to assess and upgrade a Universal Relay (UR) to the latest hardware version.
GER-4844UR Engineer software end-of-manufacturing notice10/22/2018 [47k]
GER-4769HUR 6.0x Product Release Notes07/06/2022 [556k]
GER-4654AUR 5.4x Product Release Notes09/26/2017 [418k]
GER-4750CUR 7.33 Product Release Notes08/02/2017 [504k]
GER-4709FUR 7.32 Product Release Notes08/02/2017 [472k]
GER-4785DUR 7.42 Product Release Notes06/08/2017 [413k]
GER-4734MUR 7.2x Product Release Notes04/01/2022 [569k]
GER-4648EUR 5.8x Product Release Notes04/01/2022 [270k]
GET-20023AUR SL (low range) Power Supply Product Notification03/03/2015 [65k]
GET-8557AUR SH Power Supply Product Notification03/03/2015 [64k]
GER-4686AUR 7.31 Product Release Notes02/05/2015 [194k]
GER-4478Firmware Version 3.5x and Below End-of-Life Notice06/27/2013 [113k]
GER-4480FUR 7.1x Product Release Notes04/05/2019 [212k]
GET-20022BUR Family Certification Guide11/16/2018 [4M]
GER-4627CPU Modules G and H End-of-Life Notice12/12/2013 [108k]
GER-4432AUR 3.50 Product Release Notes12/17/2012 [164k]
GER-4419CUR 5.7x Product Release Notes04/29/2020 [178k]
GER-4362UR 5.5x Product Release Notes04/15/2010 [179k]
GER-4368AUR 5.0x Product Release Notes04/29/2020 [235k]
GER-4316AUR 4.42 Product Release Notes04/29/2020 [98k]
GER-4338AUR 4.93 Product Release Notes04/29/2020 [135k]
GER-4318AUR 5.2x Product Release Notes04/29/2020 [185k]
GET-8494AUR Custom LED Template12/18/2009 [343k]
GER-4320AUR 5.6x Product Release Notes04/29/2020 [149k]
URLEDenhancedUR Custom LED template (Enhanced faceplate)03/19/2008 [102k]
GER-4087UR 4.92 Product Release Notes07/24/2006 [76k]
quick_connectEnerVista UR Setup Quick Connect instructions02/21/2006 [208k]
GET-8488UR-series Relay Reducing Collar11/01/2005 [136k]
GET-8466AUser-Programmable Pushbutton Template for the Universal Relay11/01/2005 [266k]
ur_notesUseful notes for Universal Relay Family06/14/2004 [110k]
ur42faqUR Firmware 4.2 Feature Release FAQ07/08/2004 [110k]
pushbuttonsPushbutton template in Word format06/14/2004 [37k]
ur_420UR 4.20 Product Release Notes07/06/2004 [158k]
ur_400UR 4.00 Product Release Notes04/07/2004 [211k]
batteryInstructions on changing power supply battery12/11/2002 [31k]
modemSetting up modem communications12/09/2002 [388k]
1601-0910UR Family Secure Deployment Guide (Rev. A2)05/05/2021 [782k]
Applies to version 8.1 and above
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