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Reason S20

File ReferenceTitleVersionPublish DateManualNotes
S2024S2024 firmware 7.707A0711/15/2021
S2020S2020 firmware 7.707A0711/15/2021
S2024S2024 firmware 7.607A0609/15/2020
S2020S2020 firmware 7.607A0609/15/2020
S2024S2024 Firmware (SW version 07)07A0502/04/2020
S2020S2020 Firmware (SW version 07)07A0502/04/2020
S2024S2024 Firmware (SW version 07)07A0411/19/2019
S2020S2020 Firmware (SW version 07)07A0411/19/2019
S20_MIBS20 SNMP MIBs (SW version 07)07A0411/19/2019
S2024S2024 Firmware (SW version 07)07A0306/19/2019
S2020S2020 Firmware (SW version 07)07A0306/19/2019
S20_MIBS20 SNMP MIBs (SW version 07)07A0306/19/2019
S2024G_06A02S2024G Firmware (SW version 06)06A0209/25/2017
S2020fwS2020 Firmware (SW version 06)06A0209/25/2017
USB DriverS20 USB Driver09/27/2017
GER-4795Reason S20 Switch Firmware 02, 03 and 04 End-of-Manufacturing Notice 04/11/2018
GER-4820BReason S20 Firmware 05 and 06 End of Manufacturing Notice07/22/2019


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