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G500 Advanced Substation Gateway
Support Documents

File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
PRBT-0433DS Agile Studio 2.1 Release Notification07/16/2020 [255k]
PRBT-0432DS Agile Studio 2.0 Release Notification07/16/2020 [229k]
PRBT-0427DS Agile Studio 1.2 Release Notification04/15/2020 [235k]
PRBT-0422DS Agile Studio 1.1 Release Notification05/23/2019 [219k]
PRBT-0421Introduction to DS Agile Studio06/04/2019 [378k]
MIS-0109G500 Firmware Release Notes V2.1001/29/2021 [1.3M]
MIS-0109G500 Firmware Release Notes V2.0007/16/2020 [1M]
MIS-0109G500 Firmware Release Notes V1.00 EN04/04/2019 [467k]
SWM0102G500 Substation Gateway Analog Reports User Guide V1.00 EN04/04/2019 [3.9M]
SWM0103Integration of G500 with OpenVPN Client Installation and Configuration Guide V1.00 EN04/04/2019 [1.4M]
SWM0104Enterprise File Synchronization from G500 Sync Manager Configuration Guide V1.00 EN04/04/2019 [1.4M]
SWM0107LogicLinx Quick Start Guide V1.00 EN04/04/2019 [264k]


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