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G500 Advanced Substation Gateway

File ReferenceTitleVersionPublish DateManualNotes
DSAgileStudioDS Agile Studio v2.2 ISO2.2.012/17/2020
G500HMI_x64G500 v2.1 Runtime HMI2.1.4212/17/2020
956-1069G500 v2.1 Resource ISOV210 R012/17/2020
Fw2.1PkgG500 v2.1 Firmware Package2.1.4712/17/2020
DSAgileStudioDS Agile Studio ISO2.1.006/08/2020
PRBT-0421Introduction to DS Agile Studio04/25/2019
956-1069G500 v2.0 Resource ISOV100 R006/08/2020
956-1066G500 v1.0 Resource ISOV100 R004/08/2019
G500HMI_x64G500 v2.0 Runtime HMI2.0.15906/09/2020
G500HMI_x64G500 v1.0 Runtime HMI1.0.65304/08/2019
FwUpgradeG500 Firmware Upgrade Utility1.0.1212/17/2020
Fw2.xPkgG500 v2.0 Firmware Package2.0.15906/08/2020
Fw1.xPkgG500 v1.0 Firmware Package1.0.65206/08/2020
TN0116G500 Firmware Upgrade and Restore to Defaults WorkflowsV200 R006/09/2020


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