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369 Motor Management Relay
Support Documents

File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
GER-4927369 End-of-Manufacturing Notice2022-06-15 [131k]
GER-4797369 version 3.6x product release notes2017-06-23 [141k]
GER-4423369 version 3.50 product release notes2011-11-03 [51k]
GER-4378369 version 3.40 product release notes2010-08-12 [121k]
GER-4351369 version 3.31 product release notes2010-01-19 [38k]
GER-4324369 version 3.30 product release notes2009-03-17 [72k]
GEK-113493F369 Communications Guide (Rev. F)2017-06-15 [1.2M]
369Comms369 Commissioning Summary Worksheet2004-12-15 [78k]
369_eds369 EDS file with device icon2005-06-20 [7k]
GER-4286369 version 3.21 product release notes2008-06-12 [42k]
GER-4148369 version 3.20 product release notes2008-04-14 [67k]
GER-4106369 version 3.10 product release notes2007-06-14 [86k]
GER-4082369 version 2.50 product release notes2006-06-23 [105k]
369_310_EDS1369 EDS file with device icon (Group 1)2007-06-14 [8k]
369_310_EDS2369 EDS file with device icon (Group 2)2007-06-14 [8k]
369frheFirmware Revision History2002-05-15 [152k]
369faq_b1Frequently Asked Questions2003-03-27 [44k]
1601-0714-ACModBus Maps for Industrial Products (Rev. AC)2022-05-27 [16.6M]


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