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339 Motor Protection System Support Documents


File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
3SeriesCOMM-A53 Series Communications Guide - A5 - 2.60 release2021-07-08 [11.7M]
GER-4820-Comms2E3 Series Communications Option 2E End-of-Manufacturing Notice2018-04-11 [47k]
GER-4820-InputsA3 Series Non-drawout models with 1A and 5A Inputs End-of-Manufacturing Notice2018-10-22 [51k]
GET-200453 Series Retrocompatibility Guide2016-08-24 [265k]
GEK-130924A3 Series Retrofit Guide (from M & MII Family, 239, 735/737, MLJ, & TOV relays) (Rev. A)2017-10-02 [3.2M]
GER-4895339 Firmware 2.5x Release Notes2020-09-08 [126k]
GER-4851 3 Series FW 2.40 Release Notes3 Series Firmware 2.4x Release Notes2018-11-08 [77k]
GER-4815A339 Firmware 2.31 Release Notes2018-07-17 [118k]
GER-4763339 Firmware 2.20 Release Notes2016-08-24 [86k]
GER-4715339 Firmware 1.70 Release Notes2015-11-17 [66k]
GER-4652339 Firmware 1.51 Release Notes2014-10-16 [66k]
GER-4443339 Firmware 1.50 Release Notes2012-07-30 [57k]
GER-4390339 Firmware 1.41 Release Notes2011-02-08 [157k]
1601-0714-ADModBus Maps for Industrial Products (Rev. AD)2022-12-22 [18.4M]


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