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TN1Ue SDH Multiplexer Support Documents


File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
Lifecycle of GE’s JungleMUX/TN1U/TN1Ue & T1/E1/E1MXe multiplexer products2023-06-14 [414k]
June 2023 Notice of Change of Manufacturing Status2023-06-14 [160k]
August 2021 Notice of Change of Manufacturing Status2021-09-13 [213k]
GE MUXApril 2021 Pricing update notification 2021-05-03 [107k]
August 2017 Notice of Change of Manufacturing Status2017-09-08 [57k]
December 2016 Notice of Change of Manufacturing Status2016-12-23 [79k]
June 2016 Notice of Change of Manufacturing Status2016-06-17 [78k]
August 2014 Notice of Change of Manufacturing Status2014-09-28 [466k]
December 2013 Notice of Change of Manufacturing Status2013-12-15 [55k]
September 2009 Notice of Change of Manufacturing Status2009-09-25 [49k]
August 2008 Notice of Change of Manufacturing Status2008-09-01 [74k]
November 2007 Notice of Change of Manufacturing Status 2007-12-06 [74k]
Notice of change of manufacturing status for October 20052005-10-01 [146k]
November 2004 change of manufacturing status2004-11-01 [55k]
April 2004 Notice of Manufacturing Changes2004-04-19 [13k]
Planned MD of Telemetry Units 2003-03-20 [20k]

Release Advisories:
B86417-01OC-12 UNIT 1310nm IR 4.10 release notes2011-10-05 [77k]
Related product advisories: PA070612, PA090415
B86417-01OC-12 UNIT 1310nm IR 3.08 release notes2011-06-06 [96k]
B86417-01OC-12 UNIT 1310nm IR 3.07 release notes2011-03-23 [86k]
B86417-01OC-12 UNIT 1310nm IR 3.05 release notes2010-08-13 [64k]
B86417-02OC-12 UNIT 1310nm LR 4.10 release notes2011-10-05 [77k]
Related product advisories: PA070612, PA090415
B86417-02OC-12 UNIT 1310nm LR 3.08 release notes2011-06-06 [96k]
B86417-02OC-12 UNIT 1310nm LR 3.07 release notes2011-03-23 [86k]
B86417-02OC-12 UNIT 1310nm LR 3.05 release notes2010-08-13 [64k]
B86417-03OC-12 UNIT 1550nm LR 4.10 release notes2011-10-05 [77k]
Related product advisories: PA070612, PA090415
B86417-03OC-12 UNIT 1550nm LR 3.08 release notes2011-06-06 [96k]
B86417-03OC-12 UNIT 1550nm LR 3.07 release notes2011-03-23 [86k]
B86417-03OC-12 UNIT 1550nm LR 3.05 release notes2010-08-13 [64k]
B86418-01ETHER-100 UNIT 1.21 release notes2011-08-18 [97k]
B86418-01ETHER-100 UNIT 1.20 release notes2010-07-19 [71k]
B86418-01ETHER-100 UNIT 1.19 release notes2009-04-15 [75k]
B86418-01ETHER-100 UNIT 1.18 release notes2009-03-11 [60k]
B86418-01ETHER-100 UNIT 1.17 release notes2008-03-17 [66k]
B86419-01OC-48 UNIT 1.05 release notes2012-02-17 [72k]
B86419-01OC-48 UNIT 1.04 release notes2011-09-09 [92k]
B86419-01OC-48 UNIT 1.03 release notes2011-06-28 [92k]
B86419-01OC-48 UNIT 1.02 release notes2011-03-24 [92k]
B86419-01OC-48 UNIT 1.01 release notes2011-03-23 [93k]
B86419-21STM-16 UNIT 1.01 release notes2013-05-27 [57k]
B86419-21STM-16 UNIT 1.00 release notes2011-03-23 [96k]
B86432-41OC-3 UNIT 1.05 release notes2011-10-11 [92k]
Related product advisories: PA080123
B86432-41OC-3 UNIT 1.04 release notes2011-03-23 [93k]
B86432-41OC-3 UNIT 1.03 release notes2010-04-01 [64k]
B86432-51SPM-1 Unit 1.03 release notes2013-07-11 [67k]
B86432-51SPM-1 Unit 1.01 release notes2013-04-29 [65k]
B86432-51SPM-1 Unit 1.02 release notes2013-04-29 [65k]
B86434-02SERVICE UNIT 1.22 release notes2012-04-06 [75k]
B86434-11CSSU Unit 2.03 release notes2015-10-05 [117k]
Related product advisories: PA150331
B86434-11CSSU Unit 2.02 release notes2015-06-22 [361k]
B86434-11CSSU Unit 2.01d release notes2014-09-22 [115k]
B86434-11CSSU Unit 1.01b release notes2014-03-26 [57k]
B86437-02JIF DS1 UNIT 2.00 release notes2009-05-12 [53k]
B86437-21T1/E1 UNIT 1.04 release notes2016-12-23 [135k]
B86437-21T1/E1 UNIT 1.03 release notes2013-11-12 [51k]
B86437-21T1/E1 UNIT 1.02 release notes2013-09-16 [61k]
B86437-21T1/E1 UNIT 1.00 release notes2012-04-02 [51k]
B86444-144W-VF 2 CHAN W/BRIDGING 2.06 release notes2009-11-06 [52k]
B86445-32FXS UNIT 1.04 release notes2013-09-19 [71k]
B86446-04DATA-56 UNIT, RS232 1.00 release notes2009-04-01 [70k]
B86446-04DATA-56 UNIT, RS232 1.01 release notes2009-03-27 [72k]
B86446-05DATA-56 UNIT, V.35 1.00 release notes2009-04-01 [70k]
B86446-05DATA-56 UNIT, V.35 1.01 release notes2009-03-27 [72k]
B86448-03DATA-LS UNIT 1.01 release notes2012-03-27 [55k]
B86448-03DATA-LS UNIT 1.00 release notes2009-04-13 [66k]
B86465-02DATA-PTM UNIT 1.01 release notes2008-11-21 [68k]
B86466-01DATA G.703 UNIT 1.04 release notes2013-08-12 [59k]
B86480-11EXTERNAL SYNC UNIT 1.05 release notes2007-12-07 [127k]
Related product advisories: PA110628
B86485-02JIF-SHARE Unit 2.03 release notes2015-07-08 [100k]
Related product advisories: PA150708
B86485-02JIF-SHARE Unit 2.01 release notes2014-11-21 [290k]
B86485-22CMUX UNIT 2.03 release notes2015-07-08 [100k]
Related product advisories: PA150708
B86485-22CMUX UNIT 2.01 release notes2014-11-21 [290k]
B86486-01CDAX UNIT 3.1d release notes2015-12-18 [122k]
Related product advisories: PA151218
B86486-01CDAX UNIT 3.09 release notes2012-01-26 [66k]
B86486-01CDAX UNIT 3.08 release notes2011-08-09 [93k]
B86486-01CDAX UNIT 3.07 release notes2011-03-23 [123k]
B86486-01CDAX UNIT 3.06 release notes2010-07-19 [90k]
B86486-01CDAX UNIT 3.05 release notes2009-10-15 [81k]
B86486-01CDAX UNIT 3.04 release notes2009-04-29 [82k]
B86486-01CDAX UNIT 3.03ER release notes2009-01-08 [80k]
B86486-01CDAX UNIT 2.04 release notes2008-12-11 [79k]
B86486-01CDAX UNIT 3.02ER release notes2008-08-18 [81k]
B86486-21CDAX Unit (E1 version) 1.01 release notes2013-09-17 [57k]
B86486-21CDAX Unit (E1 version) 1.00 release notes2013-05-06 [54k]
B86490-02SPE-JIF UNIT 1.02 release notes2011-01-12 [83k]
B86490-21TUG-3 UNIT 1.02 release notes2011-01-12 [80k]
B86490-51TUG 3 UNIT 1.02 release notes2011-01-12 [82k]
B86498-01ETHER-1000 UNIT 3.05 release notes2014-06-17 [186k]
Related product advisories: PA140612
B86498-01ETHER-1000 UNIT 3.04 release notes2012-03-06 [89k]
B86498-01ETHER-1000 UNIT 3.00 release notes2011-08-04 [107k]
B86498-01ETHER-1000 UNIT 3.01 release notes2011-06-09 [63k]
B86498-01ETHER-1000 UNIT 2.00 release notes2011-02-03 [110k]
B86498-01ETHER-1000 UNIT 1.01 release notes2010-08-13 [73k]
B86498-01ETHER-1000 UNIT 1.00 release notes2010-07-19 [73k]
B86498-02Ether-1000-02 unit 1.05 release notes2016-06-20 [86k]
B86417-01/02/03OC-12 UNIT 4.11 release notes2022-06-15 [94k]


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