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TN1Ue SDH Multiplexer Application Notes


File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
15-001STM-n (STM-1, 4 & 16) unit programming requirements for CBW-Timed nodes2015-07-04 [83k]
06-00186418-01 Ether-100 unit lockup on Copy/Paste commands2006-07-19 [74k]
06-00386432 STM-1 Aggregate Unit Compatibility (TN1Ue): New 86432-51 vs. legacy 86432-2X2006-08-11 [83k]
08-001Maximizing reliability of TN1U/TN1Ue network solutions with CBW port tie connections2008-03-07 [162k]
06-00286432 STM-1 Aggregate Unit Compatibility (TN1U): New 86432-51 vs. legacy 86432-3X2006-08-11 [82k]
05-001Discontinuation of 035-86400-01 TIFport cable2005-01-07 [71k]
04-00186485-21/86485-31 Change in "Channel AIS" Encoding2004-12-17 [115k]


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