Power Transformers

File NameTitlePublish DateFormat
PTR-0189Power Transformers and Reactors Brochure06/26/2019 [2.1M]
PTR-0199Electrical arc furnace - power transformers up to 300 MVA08/20/2018 [729k]
PTR-0299Green Power Transformers08/20/2018 [323k]
PTR-0194Green Power Transformers (fran├žais)08/20/2018 [373k]
PTR-0193Green Power Transformers (Deutsch)08/20/2018 [366k]
PTR-1626Green Power Transformers (Portugu├¬s)11/20/2019 [406k]
PTR-0195Hermetik low maintenance power transformers08/20/2018 [257k]
PTR-0200Rectifier: Power Transformers for Industrial Applications04/25/2019 [1M]
PTR-0300Expertise in Power Transformers for HVDC Applications04/25/2019 [263k]


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