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JungleMUX SONET Multiplexer
Application Notes

File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
00-001Guidelines for Correct Tie Cable Implementation04/18/2000 [17k]
00-002Number of "Tie" Nodes in JungleMUX Network04/14/2000 [61k]
98-008JungleMUX Cabling System06/30/1998 [16k]
95-00286430-M3 / 86429 Issue 911 / 024-78330-0111/01/1995 [18k]
98-00286432-01 OC-3 Unit TSI and Loss of 2kHz04/30/1998 [32k]
99-00886432-0X OC-3 JMUX Unit04/13/1999 [23k]
98-00586433-0X OC-1 JMUX Units04/30/1998 [32k]
96-00386434-02 Service Unit OC-1/OC-3 Systems03/14/1996 [16k]
98-00786437-01 JIF DS1 Unit04/30/1998 [34k]
99-00186438 JIF Ethernet01/18/1999 [95k]
98-00186443-01 CDR Unit - Yellow LED Winking04/30/1998 [15k]
98-00486444/86445/86449 VF Units - Bug in code04/30/1998 [33k]
99-00586444-xx 4W VF Unit02/17/1999 [15k]
98-00486444/86445/86449 VF Units - Bug in code04/30/1998 [33k]
99-00386445-41 2W FXO Unit Ground Start Signaling Mode01/18/1999 [49k]
99-01186466 HS Data Unit06/12/2001 [16k]
98-00686448-01 Data-LS Unit04/27/1998 [17k]
98-00486444/86445/86449 VF Units - Bug in code04/30/1998 [33k]
99-0062W VF Unit02/17/1999 [15k]
98-00386484-01 JIFShare Unit - Signaling lost04/30/1998 [34k]
98-00986485 JIFShare Unit06/30/1998 [16k]
99-009Cascading JIF Share units04/14/1999 [15k]
99-00486490-01 SPE-JIF Unit01/18/1999 [6k]
01-00186432-OX OC-3 JMUX Unit08/03/2001 [14k]
03-003Compatibility between various firmware releases of 86464-01, 86464-02 and 86466-01 units.08/12/2003 [90k]
03-003Compatibility between various firmware releases of 86464-01, 86464-02 and 86466-01 units.08/12/2003 [90k]
03-00286434-03 IP Service Unit - Wiring error to rear Serial Craft interface connection03/21/2003 [71k]
97-002Operation of the 86445-31 2W FXS Unit12/09/1997 [19k]
94-003JungleMUX NMS Options06/30/1998 [29k]
95-001Output Relay Card for JNCI Workstation06/30/1998 [18k]
03-001JungleMUX OC-1/OC-3 to OC-12 Upgrade Requirements02/23/2004 [80k]
94-00686430-M2 JungleMUX Eqpt. Shelf Introduction11/18/1994 [16k]
95-00286430-M3 / 86429 Issue 911 / 024-78330-011/01/1995 [18k]
94-00286444 Four Wire Unit Options10/24/1994 [18k]
97-00186449-06 2W VF E&M with dc to dc converter01/14/1998 [16k]
94-005Recommended Computer Equipment for JNCI Equipment06/30/1998 [29k]
94-004JungleMUX Orderwire Ordering Information06/30/1998 [22k]
04-00186485-01 JIF-Share Unit Version 1.0512/17/2004 [106k]
05-001OC-3 JMUX Unit Compatibility: new 86432-41 vs. legacy 86432-0X06/14/2005 [79k]
06-00186418-01 Ether-100 unit lockup on Copy/Paste commands07/19/2006 [75k]
16-001Sync requirements for OC-3 or OC-12 networks with single CBW ties06/02/2016 [142k]
08-001Maximizing reliability of JungleMUX network solutions with CBW port tie connections03/07/2008 [162k]


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