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MDS iNET-II - Secure IP/Ethernet Networking

File Reference TitlePublish DateFormat
05-2258A01-FWiring instructions for transceiver power cables used with External Converters01/19/2010 [57k]
05-2806A01-KMDS iNET/iNET-II Reference Manual (Firmware Release prior to 8.1.1)04/08/2014 [5.6M]
Complete installation, configuration & operating instructions for MDS iNET Series Transceivers. Covers MDS iNET and iNET-II radios.
05-2806A01-LMDS iNET-II 900 and iNET 900 Reference Manual (Firmware Release 8.1.1 and later)11/06/2014 [5.6M]
Complete installation & operating instructions for the MDS iNET 900 Wireless IP/Ethernet Transceiver. A small installation booklet is also available for this product (see P/N 05-2873A01).
05-2873A01-GMDS iNET / iNET-II Startup Guide11/06/2014 [157k]
MDS iNET 900 Installation/Startup Guide. Deals specifically with installing the product and initial setup. A larger Reference Manual (Part No. 05-2806A01) is also available for this product.
05-3496A01Software/Firmware Installation Guide04/19/2010 [12k]
Instructions for installing new software/firmware files in GE MDS radios
05-4057A01-CMDS iNET-II Firmware compatibility notice05/01/2010 [17k]
Notice for iNET-II radios explaining minimum version of firmware code required for specific serial number ranges.
05-4161A01-DMDS Protected Network Station (P21, P22, P23, SDxP)09/20/2010 [2.2M]
Installation and operating instructions for the MDS Protected Network Station. This is a redundant station consisting of two transceivers, two power supplies, and a switchover logic board to automatically select between transceiver A or B as the active unit. It can contain several types of transceivers, including MDS iNET (P21), entraNET (P22), Mercury (P23), and SD (SDxP).
05-4554A01-AMDS iNET 300 (300 MHz version)03/14/2007 [723k]
Installation & Startup instructions for the MDS iNET 300 Transceiver.
05-4658A01-CMDS iNET 900 Hardware/firmware compatibility notice01/21/2011 [17k]
Notice for iNET 900 radios explaining minimum version of firmware code required for specific serial number ranges.
05-6192A01-ABattery Disposal Notice10/25/2013 [103k]
4131A-iNET_ENIENI Supplement for iNET07/31/2009 [1.6M]
Supplemental information to standard iNET manual (05-2806A01). Only required for iNET/ENI applications of the product.


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