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COSI Digital Instrument Transformers

File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
COSI_RANGCOSI compact sensor intelligence06/23/2020 [159k]
COSI_RANG(RU)COSI compact sensor intelligence (Русский)06/23/2020 [1.4M]
COSI_CTCOSI-CT Optical Current Transformer11/15/2017 [825k]
COSI_CT(PT)COSI-CT Transformador de Corrente Ótico (Português)11/10/2017 [801k]
COSI_CT(RU)COSI-CT Optical Current Transformer (Русский)04/24/2020 [1.9M]
COSI_CTF3COSI-CT F3 flexible optical current transformer06/23/2020 [495k]
COSI_CTF3(RU)COSI-CT F3 flexible optical current transformer Russian Brochure04/24/2020 [2M]
COSI_CMCOSI-CM Combined metering unit up to 800 kV06/23/2020 [769k]
XMU800XMU800 Merging Unit for Low Power Instrument Transformers07/21/2020 [356k]
OPDSOpen Phase Detection System Brochure07/21/2020 [131k]
PC12PC12 primary digital converter06/23/2020 [322k]
CEVTCEVT Capacitive electronic voltage transformers06/23/2020 [282k]
RECTRECT Rogowski electronic current transformer06/23/2020 [293k]
RogoFlexRogoFlex electronic current transformer06/23/2020 [324k]


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