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MDS Orbit Platform
White Papers/Case Study

File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
GEA-33197White Paper: Wireless Solutions for Reliable Distribution System Protection & Control06/07/2021 [5.5M]
GEA-33195White Paper: Licensed Narrowband Radio Performance Testing06/02/2021 [1.5M]
GEA-31986White Paper: Adaptive Modulation in Industrial Wireless Licensed Narrowband Communication Networks10/21/2016 [2.2M]
This white paper is intended to explore the benefits that adaptive modulation (AM) techniques bring to licensed narrowband networks, and how they enable higher performing and more robust communications in unpredictable network conditions.
GEA-31985White Paper: Enabling a Secure, Reliable and High Performing Field Area Network with Cellular Technology 09/28/2016 [1.7M]
Only 8% of communication devices shipped to North American utilities in 2016 will be cellular. This is partially due to misconceptions around lack of security, reliability and performance. This paper will compare cellular and private technologies.
GEA-32007White Paper: Extending a Network with Store and Forward01/12/2017 [8.6M]
By utilizing Store and Forward (SAF) capabilities, network owners can effectively extend the range of their wireless communications network cost-effectively. This paper provides an overview of SAF and outlines the benefits.
GEA-31997White Paper: Cybersecurity in Mission Critical Licensed Networks: Evolution of Industrial Communications Technology02/09/2017 [744k]
This white paper is intended to assist users of GE’s MDS x710, MDS SD series, and MDS Orbit Platform to understand the various industry security requirements and how the cybersecurity capabilities within each product support these new guidelines.
GEA-31956White Paper: Migrating to the MDS Orbit Platform to Meet Modern Network Requirements 05/09/2016 [10.2M]
As industrial wireless communication network requirements have advanced, technology has evolved with capabilities previously unimagined. This white paper assists MDS iNET users in understanding the benefits of updating to the MDS Orbit Platform.


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