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File NameTitlePublish DateFormat
GET-20025BWhite Paper: IEC 61850 Interoperability and Implementation05/18/2016 [720k]
This white paper outlines the interoperability of IEC 61850. Our practices, with several use-cases for interoperability within a multi-vendor environment are analyzed. The architecture/process at the device level and system level is proposed too.
GEA-31951Case Study: Top 5 Reasons to Implement Distributed Bus Protection11/18/2015 [2.2M]
This paper will discuss the evolution of bus protection, focusing on distributed bus protection schemes and five key considerations in implementing IEC 61850 process bus distributed bus protection schemes in modern power systems.
GEA-31987White Paper: Strategies for Maintaining Grid Reliability with the Multilin UR Platform10/12/2016 [967k]
Operators must have a relay lifecycle strategy to ensure device health and power system reliability. If you have an earlier generation UR, this paper guides you through a strategy and demonstrates how the UR minimizes typical device upgrade costs.
SmarterGridWhite paper: An Enterprise Information Architecture Enables a Smarter Grid06/29/2009 [291k]
To make the smart grid a reality, utilities need to leverage intelligence for smarter, faster decision making. So how do you collect, organize, distribute, integrate, secure and interpret the vast sea of information in today’s grid environment?
SIPSWhite Paper: Application Considerations in System Integrity Protection Schemes05/21/2011 [353k]
This paper describes some of the critical engineering, design, and applications of the latest technology for the implementation of System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS).
PilotProtCase study: Application of Digital Radio for Distribution Pilot Protection04/13/2010 [1.8M]
This paper describes basic digital radio technology and shows possible applications for distribution protection. As with other pieces of the protection system, it is important to understand the reliability and performance of digital radio.
BrokenBarCase study: Enhanced Algorithm for Motor Rotor Broken Bar Detection06/21/2011 [736k]
This paper describes an algorithm for detection of broken rotor bars based on MCSA enhanced with a set of motor conditions, collected by a protection relay to avoid a false declaration of an alarm due to rotor problems.
CyclingLoadCase Study: Setting a Motor Management Relay for a Cyclic Load Application06/26/2005 [699k]
This application note shows that when the time constants are properly matched, the relay works correctly on cyclic loads. It also provides practical examples of how to set up the Multilin 469 relay.
DistBusProtCase study: Distributed Bus Protection in the Smart Substation12/16/2013 [3.2M]
This paper presents a new Distributed Bus Protection System that is not only as a protection system, but also a platform that incorporates the data from the HV equipment in an IEC 61850 process bus scheme.
DistanceRelayCase study: Distance Relay Fundamentals06/21/2011 [1.3M]
This paper discusses the fundamental features of the three types of distance functions and possible problems that may be encountered in their design and application.
DistSubsSGCase study: Distribution Substation Automation in Smart Grid04/12/2010 [613k]
This paper discusses an approach to substation automation that incorporates distribution automation, demand response and advanced metering infrastructures.
PcsystemsCase study: Protection and control systems for pulp and paper08/04/2010 [1.7M]
This paper will discuss using relay functionality to fully monitor the protection and control system, which will identify problems within the system before they manifest themselves by miss-operation.
61850deployWhite paper: Unanswered questions about IEC 6185010/25/2005 [528k]
This paper seeks to identify issues related to IEC 61850 standard deployment and to present solutions to meet industry trends and utilities' expectations.
PSintegrateCase Study: Improvements in Power System Integrity Protection Schemes08/04/2010 [820k]
This paper outlines the need for the Power System Protection Systems (PSPS) also called System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS) and the resulting design requirements.
XfrmrTestingCase Study: Investing in Continuous Transformer Testing12/13/2013 [1.9M]
This paper shows that bushings and tap changers are critical as the active part in terms of the root cause of failure. Action steps are described to prevent from failure and ensure electrical power reliability.
IslLoadShedCase Study: Design & Implementation of an Islanding and Load Shed System07/18/2008 [632k]
This paper presents the design and implementation details of a control system that detects an island condition in an industrial facility and executes a multi-tier load shed based on the load-generation balance.
SGBusCaseWhite Paper: Leader or Follower, Developing the Smart Grid Business Case06/25/2008 [259k]
This paper discusses the key driving factors behind smart grid momentum, the challenges facing utilities, and suggests how utilities should think about developing their comprehensive smart grid business cases.
MotorAppsWhite Paper: Motor Protection Principles06/26/2005 [1.4M]
This paper presents main risks and solutions for an overheated motor, as any motor failure will have the following cost contributors: repair or replacement, removal, installation and loss of production.
ParadigmWhite Paper: A Paradigm Shift in Protection, Control and Substation Automation Strategy07/02/2009 [1.6M]
This paper presents the requirements for improved efficiency in all phases of engineering, maintenance, and operation, to support an increasing level of substation integration and protection.
WorkForceWhite Paper: Replenishing the Aging Work Force in the Power Industry06/21/2011 [265k]
This paper discusses the program to develop and attract the interest of the next generation of technical experts, including the respective roles of industry and academia.
SAOpsMaintCase Study: Secure Substation Automation for Operations and Maintenance06/21/2011 [542k]
This paper outlines how utilities are implementing a mix of substation automation architectures to respond to cyber threats while providing secure access for Operations and Maintenance Systems and Personnel.
DistributionWhite Paper: The Evolution of Distribution05/21/2009 [525k]
This paper highlights how traditional distribution management evolved to include advanced smart grid applications and integrated technologies driving incremental benefits in capital expenditures, operation and maintenance expenses, customer benefits.
TCMicrogridCase Study: Tieline Controls in Microgrid Applications06/21/2011 [1.5M]
This paper presents tieline controls, an important Microgrid control feature, enabling the coordinated response of several distributed energy resources, such as generation, energy storage, or controllable loads.
UPSTechWhite Paper: The Digital World and Electrical Power Supply: A Hypersensitive Imbalance07/02/2009 [1.2M]
This paper discusses UPS technology and architecture, including systems that can provide power until the computer network has been shut down.
PMUWhite Paper: Application of Phasor Measurement Units for Disturbance Recording06/22/2006 [513k]
This paper looks at the specific application of PMUs for disturbance recording, with emphasis on wide area cross-triggering of recording PMUs during events.
WindfarmCase Study: Windfarm System Protection Using Peer-to-Peer Communications05/21/2011 [488k]
This paper reviews the overall requirements for comprehensive windfarm protection. It also focuses on the problem of feeder ground faults and presents a solution making use of peer-to-peer messaging via the IEC 61850 protocol.
SGApplCase Study: Key Smart Grid Applications02/07/2009 [924k]
This paper will explore three key Smart Grid functions (Delivery Optimization, Demand Optimization and Asset Optimization) with the strongest business case justification.


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