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File NameTitleRevision DateFormat
gesa_solGE SA 2000 10/01/1999 [880k]
gesa_solGE SA 2000 10/01/1999 [7.4M]
gesaovrvGE SA Overview 01/01/2000 [476k]
gesaovrvGE SA Overview 01/01/2000 [3.5M]
g_launchGE SA World Tour I 09/01/1999 [3.7M]
g_launchGE SA World Tour I 09/01/1999 [8.3M]
commprotGE SA: Communication Protocols10/01/1999 [1.5M]
Different communication protocols and communication models
modreldsGE SA: Modular Relay Design Concepts10/01/1999 [1.6M]
Issues of modularity of design and communication in the Universal Relay
digcurrdGE SA: Digital Current Differential Protection10/01/1999 [326k]
Overview of Current Differential for protection lines
digphascGE SA: Digital Phase Comparison10/01/1999 [266k]
Overview of a phase comparison system
alpsGE SA: Advanced Line Protection System (ALPS)10/01/1999 [298k]
Overview of the ALPS relay, a multifunction digital relay which provides complete distance protection for HV and EHV transmission lines
digmplexGE SA: Digital Multiplexing10/01/1999 [349k]
Fundamentals and application examples of digital multiplexing systems
latinamGE SA: World Tour II presentation10/01/1999 [12.4M]
Complete GE SA World Tour II presentation, in PowerPoint format, compressed as ZIP


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