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DLPD Digital Line Protection System
Application Notes

File NameTitleRevision DateFormat
ger3055Consideration of Speed, Dependability, and Security in Pilot Relaying Schemes02/19/1998 [354k]
ger3224High-Speed Reclosing System and Machine Considerations01/30/1998 [299k]
ger3735Relaying Short Lines07/21/1997 [159k]
This paper will present a brief overview of some advantages and disadvantages of both current only schemes and distance/directional schemes, as well as some of the problems that may arise as the source to line impedance ratio increases.
ger3742Dynamic Characteristics of Mho Distance Relays02/17/1998 [202k]
This paper describes the dynamic characteristic of phase mho relays which use the faulted phase voltage as the polarizing quantity, and which have 'memory action' in the polarizing circuit.
ger3743Effects of Load Flow on Relay Performance02/19/1998 [275k]
ger3793Ground Distance Relaying: Problems and Principles02/09/1998 [880k]
This paper will discuss the operating principles of ground distance functions and some of the limitations, or problems, that can be encountered in their application.
ger3798Variable Digital Filter Response Time in a Digital Distance Relay10/28/1996 [297k]
This paper will investigate the effect of digital filtering on the operating time of a generic digital distance relay.
ger3964Application of Phase and Ground Distance Relays to Three Terminal Lines02/17/1998 [161k]
ger3965Evaluating Line Relaying Schemes in Terms of Speed, Security and Dependability 02/17/1998 [137k]
ger3966Distance Relay Fundamentals02/19/1998 [216k]
The purpose of this paper is to discuss fundamental features of the three types of functions and possible problems that may be encountered in their design and application.
get6555High Voltage Transmission Line Protection with Single Pole Tripping and Reclosing02/17/1998 [226k]
get6651aPower System Protection for Transmission Lines02/06/1998 [625k]
This publication describes the design features and application advantages of the SLY/ SLYG 60/80 families of phase and ground distance relays.
get8037aDLP - Digital Line Protection04/18/1997 [548k]


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