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DDS Digital Distribution System

File NameTitleVersionRevision DateManualNotes
ddsdemoGenesis Level 2 Demo (for Windows NT only)01/25/2000
ddsmdbDDS Database File09/13/1999
geconfGE-CONF Instruction Booklet (English) 08/08/2000
geconffrGE-CONF Manuel d'Instructions (français) 08/09/2001
geconfspGE-CONF Instrucciones (Español) 10/10/2000
gefile-aGE-FILES Instruction Booklet (English) (Rev. A)06/07/2005
gefilespGE-FILES Instrucciones (Español) 08/08/2000
gepow-cGE-POWER Instruction Booklet (English) (Rev. C)06/07/2005
gepowfrGE-POWER Manuel d'Instructions (français) 08/09/2001
gepowsp-cGE-POWER Instrucciones (Español) (Rev. C)06/07/2005
geconf261GE-CONF 2.6.1 update2.6110/02/2000
Password Required
gepow261GE-POWER 2.6.1 update2.6110/02/2000
Password Required
GE_intro106GE INTRO Software1.0605/20/2014
GE INTRO has been designed to set the desired configuration into the DDS family of relays (SMOR-B relay models included).
geintrofrGE INTRO French Instructions08/07/2001
geintrosGE INTRO Spanish Instructions04/26/1999
GElocal283GE LOCAL Software2.8304/27/2009
GE LOCAL is a Windows Based User Interface that allows users to view and change settings.
GElocal283frGE LOCAL Software (version française)2.8304/27/2009
gelocalfrGE LOCAL French Instructions08/07/2001
gelocalsGE LOCAL Spanish Instructions04/26/1999
geosc217GE OSC Software2.1709/06/2000
The GE OSC program plots oscillography data obtained during a fault and displays fault reports and fault events. The data displayed include current, voltages, digital inputs, digital outputs, and protection flags. in a COMTRADE ASCII format.
geoscspGE OSC Spanish Instructions10/10/2000
  • The database file is a SAMPLE only. To obtain a database for an in-production relay, contact
  • For information on obtaining access to DDS Level 2 software, contact
  • The demo version of the GE-OSC Oscillography Analysis Tool will expire 30 days after installation. To order the full version, please contact us at

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