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Agile P441, P442 and P444 distance protection

Pub #TitleRevision DateFormat
P441SV-AD-EN-1.1MiCOM Agile P441SV ver80M Addendum11/06/2015 [2.8M]
P44x_FR_T_G44MiCOM Agile P44x ver30G_H_J Manual (fran├žais)11/06/2015 [8.1M]
P44x_EN_T_H75MiCOM Agile P44x ver50K Manual11/06/2015 [7.1M]
P44x_FR_T_H75MiCOM Agile P44x ver50K Manual (fran├žais)11/06/2015 [8.4M]
P44x_EN_M_H85MiCOM Agile P44x ver55_60J_K Manual11/06/2015 [8.9M]
P44x_EN_M_Hb6MiCOM Agile P44x ver72M Technical Manual10/20/2017 [10.3M]
P44x_EN_M_G55MiCOM Agile P44x verC4.x/C5.x/D1.x_J/K Technical Manual11/06/2015 [4.2M]
P44x-AD-ED2-EN-2MiCOM P40 Agile P441, P442, P444 Addendum07/01/2018 [704k]
P441SV-MC-EN-1.1MiCOM P40 Agile P441SV ver80 MICS - Model Implementation Conformance Statement05/18/2017 [789k]
P442_EN_MC_HMiCOM P40 Agile P442 ver60 MICS - Model Implementation Conformance Statement05/18/2017 [264k]
P44x_EN_MC_Hb6MiCOM P40 Agile P442, P444 MICS10/12/2017 [446k]
P44x_EN_ADL_Hb6MiCOM P40 Agile P442, P444 ver72M - Address Assignment List10/12/2017 [936k]
P44x_PC2_EN_H32MiCOM P40 Agile P442,P444 PICS - Protocol Implementation Conformance - IEC61850 Edition 211/03/2017 [169k]
P44x_EN_PX_B22MiCOM P40 Agile P442,P444 PIXIT05/18/2017 [335k]
P44x_EN_PX2_H32MiCOM P40 Agile P442,P444 PIXIT extra information for testing IEC61850 ed. 211/03/2017 [214k]
P44x_EN_TC_B22MiCOM P40 Agile P442,P444 TICS05/18/2017 [252k]
P442-4_EN_MC_Ha6MiCOM P40 Agile P442,P444 ver82 MICS - Model Implementation Conformance Statement05/18/2017 [767k]
Px4x_EN_PC1_DMiCOM P40 Agile Px4x PICS - Protocol Implementation Conformance - IEC61850 Edition 105/18/2017 [168k]
Px4x-92LEMiCOM P40 Agile Px4x-92LE06/01/2018 [7.4M]


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