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889 Advanced Generator Protection & Management
Support Documents

File NameTitleRevision DateFormat
GET-200698 Series Advanced Communications Connector Module Option Change08/30/2018 [169k]
Notice8 Series Communications Options 2A and 2E End-of-Manufacturing Notice 04/11/2018 [46k]
GET-20035A8 Series custom label template03/22/2018 [3.2M]
GER-47498 Series version 1.60 release notes04/26/2016 [73k]
GER-47618 Series version 1.61 release notes08/08/2016 [53k]
GER-4786A8 Series version 1.71 release notes05/01/2017 [154k]
GER-48038 Series version 1.74 release notes09/27/2017 [63k]
GER-48228 Series version 1.75 release notes01/31/2018 [74k]
GER-48108 Series version 2.0 release notes08/28/2017 [56k]
GER-48428 Series version 2.2x release notes07/23/2018 [162k]
GER-48538 Series version 2.3x release notes01/07/2019 [183k]
GEK-131024ModBus Maps for Industrial Products (Rev. A1)10/24/2017 [3.7M]


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